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           Currently, Rev. Dr. Cynthia does most of her private readings via telephone.  This is the way that she prefers to work, as is she is a strong clairaudient, and it is easy for her to tune into your psychic vibrations through the sound of your voice.  Rev. Dr. Cynthia does not require you to be physically present in her environment to do your reading.   However, occassionally she does offer private in-person readings in her home in Wichita (Kansas) for those who feel that the "in-person" experience is important to them.  These special in-person sessions are done on a pre-approval and selective basis.  Please read the info below before applying for or requesting an in-person session.

NOTE:  If you have already reviewed the info about in-person readings & understand what is involved (including session length & costs), and you would now like to request your session, then please CLICK HERE to complete your "In-Person Reading Request Form" (or keep reading for more info).


about private IN-PERSON reading sessions with Rev Dr Cynthia

The in-person reading sessions that Cynthia offers differ from the phone readings in that these sessions usually last longer, they cost more, and they are conducted in-person in Cynthia's home in Wichita (Kansas). 
Although Rev. Dr. Cynthia does enjoy occasionally meeting with people in her home for readings, these kinds of session are much more involved for her in terms of time & energy, as not only does she do your reading for you during an in-person session, but she is also entertaining you in her home.  Therefore, there are only a limited number of these in-person reading sessions available each month, and these are available on a selective, pre-approval basis only (please see below for more info). 

As far as the reading itself goes, there is no difference between having your reading done in-person (versus over the phone) as the readings are always about the same length (somewhere around 1 hour up to an hour and ten minutes or so for the basis reading, longer if you are purchasing an extended session).  However, the in-person session takes much longer to do, as Cynthia spends extra time with you before the session chit-chatting and orientating you to the process. Whereas a typical phone reading is only an hour long (up to an hour & fifteen minutes), a typical in-person session is somewhere between an hour & a half up to 2 hours.

        If you are a regular, returning client who has already had at least one in-person reading with Cynthia, please CLICK HERE to go ahead and request your in-person session.  Otherwise, please continue reading, and make sure that you read ALL of the info on this page before applying for an in-person psychic reading or mediumship reading session with Rev. Dr. Cynthia.


* Cost: The cost for a special in-person regular Spiritual Psychic Reading session is $275 for a one hour reading, $350 for an hour & half (90 minute) reading, or $400 for a two hour reading. The cost for a special in-person Mediumship reading is $300 for the one hour reading, $375 for an hour & half reading (90 minutes), or $450 for a two hour reading.  (You get to choose your reading length when scheduling.)  Either way, this is $50 more than the standard phone reading (due to the additional amount of time involved in these in-person sessions). This fee includes your session plus the recording of your reading, as well as the good vibes of the wonderful in-person experience (smile). This reading fee is due in advance for all new or occasional clients.

 * Who is Eligible for an In-person Session....When doing in-person reading sessions, Rev. Dr. Cynthia generally prefers to work with people whom have had at least one phone reading with in the past, or whom she has previously met or personally interacted with in some way, or at the very least, people whom have been referred to her by a current client.  Put simply, it helps her to feel more at ease with inviting you into her home if she has already had previous dealings with you (or at least, knows someone who has had previous dealings with you).  If you don't meet any of these criteria, Rev. Dr. Cynthia may (as in, might) still agree to a private in-person reading for you, if she feels that there is a compelling reason to do so.  This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

                 Regardless of whether you & Cynthia have worked together in the past or if you are a new client, if Rev. Dr. Cynthia feels that there would be no additional benefit to be gained for you by coming in-person for your session, then she will suggest a phone reading instead.  Rev. Dr. Cynthia is usually as generous as she can be in scheduling & allowing for in-person sessions, and she does understand that to some people, having the longer, special extended in-person session is important.  However, her busy household schedule does not always allow her to see everyone in her home whom would like to come for an in-person visit (luckily, it is NOT necessary to meet in-person to do the readings, and the telephone readings are quite excellent as well).

A Few Things You Should Know Before You Request an In-Person ReadingRev. Dr. Cynthia shares her home with several pets, some of whom are always close by during the in-person readings.  If you have animal allergies or are simply not at ease with animals (including cats), you should stick with having a phone reading instead.   Also, please note that Rev. Dr. Cynthia lives in an old house with stairs.  In order to come to her home for an in-person reading, you will need to be able to get up a small (but steep) flight of stairs that has no handrail, unassisted.  If mobility is an issue for you, having a phone reading with Rev. Dr. Cynthia is a much better choice for you.  In short, one of these special in-person sessions will only be a good option for you if you are at ease around animals and can easily climb up and down stairs.

* Scheduling & Availability: Because these in-person sessions take on average twice as long as the usual phone readings that Rev. Dr. Cynthia does (and also because Cynthia has to work around busy household schedules to set up a good time for entertaining you in her home) there only one or two openings max for in-person readings available each week.  Therefore, if you are requesting an in-person reading, you do need to be prepared to be more flexible and patient in scheduling.  Especially if you can only come on a weekend or an evening, it may be 2-3 weeks before Cynthia will be able to work in an in-person visit for you.   Sometimes it is sooner than this (say within a week or two), especially if you can be more flexible in scheduling.  Please note that emergency or "last minute" appointments are simply not available with any of the readings that Cynthia does, especially the in-person sessions. 

Session Length.... When you come for an in-person session, you should expect it to last somewhere between an hour & a half up to 2 hours (including the 5 minutes or so it takes Cynthia to burn the CD recording of your reading before you leave). This is for the standard one hour reading.  If you are purchasing an extended reading of 90 minutes or 2 hours, then the total time of your session (including the time we spend visiting before & after) may be closer to 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  This is more than enough time for you to have the special experience that you are seeking in an in-person reading.

      As was explained earlier above, the in-person sessions are often almost TWICE as long as the phone reading sessions (which is why they cost more).  The reading itself is usually still right about at an hour (60 minutes), at least, for the standard reading.  (When you purchase an extended session, it will obviously last longer.)  The rest of the time involved in an in-person session is the time that you & Psychic Cynthia spend getting to know each other, sipping coffee or tea (or water if you prefer), and just being together in a special, positive vibe.

* Questions regarding bringing someone with you to a reading....If Psychic Cynthia agrees to do an in-person reading for you, she usually prefers that you come alone, as this is a very special and private experience. 

           Bringing others to the reading with you usually dilutes the power of the experience and can even lower the quality of your reading, as having other people there may affect your ability to communicate openly & honestly with Cynthia about your reading and what you are wanting help with in life.  If for some reason you feel that there is a compelling reason to have someone accompany you during your in-person reading, please make sure that you mention this on your reading request form at the time of applying for you reading.  In other words, Psychic Cynthia needs to know about this in ADVANCE and before she consents to do the reading. 

          Please do NOT bring people with you to your reading unannounced and without discussing it with Cynthia first, as if you do so, Cynthia may have to re-schedule your session for a later date.            

*Steps Involved in Applying for an In-Person session....It is a pretty simple process.  First, you will need to fill out and submit a quick "In-Person Reading Request & Registration" form.  (For most people, this only takes about 5 minutes or less).  When requesting an in-person session, you do need to be sure to fill out the form completely, including the part about your scheduling availability, and especially the part about where it asks you about what you are expecting or hoping to receive out of the reading. (Just a few sentences is fine on that part, as too much detail or backstory can interfere with the psychic reading process).
           Once you have submitted your In-Person Reading Request form, give Psychic Cynthia and her team 1-3 business days to look it over.  (That is business days, so if you register on a weekend or a holiday, please add a couple of extra days to that).  If Psychic Cynthia can do your in-person reading at this time and agrees that it would be beneficial for the two of you to meet in person, then she will contact you within 1-3 business days to get something set up. 
           At that time, if Cynthia agrees to do your in-person reading, you will need to go ahead and pay for you reading in advance, as your in-person reading appointment is not finalized until your reading fee has been paid (the only exception is for long-term, regular clients....you know who you are). 
However, when requesting an in-person session, you do not need to pay any money or fees until you have actually been approved for your in-person session....this keeps the interaction clean & simple, as that way Rev. Dr. Cynthia does not have to refund your money if she is unable to do a special in-person session for you at this time.  If you are approved for an in-person reading, payment options for readings include credit/debit card or check or money order in advance (for both new & returning clients).  Other options may be available for those who are long-term, regular returning clients.

 To complete the "In-Person Reading Request" form and apply for your reading, please CLICK HERE

To learn more about what to expect in an actual session, click here.

To see Cynthia's "reading appointment availability" for the next several weeks, please CLICK HERE.
(Note that only a few times/dates listed on the Reading Schedule are actually available each week for in-person sessions,
but it will give you a basic idea of what might be open). 

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What some clients are saying.....

 "Thank you doesn't really express what I am feeling.  This is the first time someone has given me information on this deep spiritual level.  So grateful for the guidance that led me to your awesome work....Your healing work comes thru so powerfully, what a wonderful gift and I am so blessed to know you."---Carol Anderssen, Ft.  Myers, Florida, USA

"Thank you for the reading.  That was the most joyful & intense connection that I've experienced in years.  The physical energy generated from it is still bouncing me along today".    T.C., Topeka, Kansas

"Didn't you say I was going to hear good news around 6 days?  I thought these other good things that happened were 'it", until my boss came in & handed me an unexpected bonus for $1,700. Damn...you are good."   H.H., Washington, DC

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To see Cynthia's "reading appointment availability" for the next several weeks, or to register for a session, please CLICK HERE.

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