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To Order Your "Cynthia's Cosmic Almanac for 2015" (and receive your complimentary 2015 Horoscope E-book too)....Click on the "Buy Now" button to the left to order your "Cynthia's Cosmic Almanac for 2015".  This almanac is TWO books in one, with Part 1 being the 2015 Year Overview & Lunar Info, and Part 2 being the detailed monthly forecasts. (You'll also get your complimentary 2015 Cosmic Horoscope and Year Overview E-books, which contains even MORE precise predictions for your sun, moon, and rising sign for the year ahead.) 

         Complete cost for ALL of this is $37 at the special New Year Rate (including shipping & handling and sales tax where applicable).  Note:  This includes shipping to United States & Canada only. 
           (If you live outside the US/Canada, there will be an additional shipping charge.....before ordering, please write info@cynthiakillion.com with your exact address, including country postal code, and we will write you back with an estimate.  Please put something like "almanac question" in the subject line of your e-mail.)    

 IMPORTANT:  In order to ensure that you receive your confirmation AND your 2 Free E-books, we need you to add the following e-mail to your addres book immediately after you order:  cynthia@cynthiakillion.com.  (Otherwise you may not receive your e-books, as the e-mail containing them may bounce).  If for some reason you have not received your complimentary e-books within 48 hours of ordering, please e-mail cynthia@cynthiakillion.com, and we will reply to your e-mail with your e-books.

          Books Ship Out Starting 01/24:  While supplies last, when you order through this site, your print book will ship out to you within 3-4 business days (often sooner) and usually arrive within a week or less. Your "Cosmic Horoscopes for 2015" E-book will also be sent to you within via e-mail within one busines day of ordering (that's business days, so add an extra day or two if you order on the weekend or on a holiday).  Up until we run out of the first run of Almanacs (which will be noted on this site when it happens), your cost for all of this is $37 even, including shipping & handling for your print book & e-books.

           Please note:  All payments paid for books & e-books are non-refundable & non-transferable once paid, so please be sure about what you are ordering & ask any applicable questions before you order.  Thanks for your understanding.

CAN WE ASK YOU A FAVOR?   Unless we hear differently from you, we usually ship your book out to the name & address that is provided when you process your payment.

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NOTE:  When you order your Cosmic Almanac through this site, you will ALSO receive a complimentary "2015 Year Overview" e-book with your order confirmation within 1 day of ordering...that way you can get started learning about the major shifts in 2015 right away!  (This is in addition to the "2015 Cosmic Horoscope" e-book you also receive and your print copy of the Cosmic Almanac-two books in one.  That's 4 books total!)

CLICK HERE to read your January 2015 Forecast


Note from Rev. Dr. Cynthia:  P.S. If you would like to share the above free forecast with friends, you are welcome to!  You can refer them to this page.  Or, if you would prefer, you can download/save the forecast as a PDF, and pass it along to your friends via e-mail.  You have my permission to share, excerpt, and quote this free forecast freely!

Hello, and welcome dear friend!  Here is the place where you can order your "Cynthia's Cosmic Almanac for 2015" (two books in one).  This is Rev. Dr. Cynthia's book of predictions for 2015, The Year of Relief & Rebuilding, also the Chinese Year of Wood Sheep!

          If you are new to Cynthia's Cosmic Almanac writings and would like more info about what to expect in this book, then please scroll down further for a detailed description of the different sections and what to expect.  

         If you have questions about your almanac orders, please e-mail cynthia@cynthiakillion.com.  Please put something like "almanac question" in the subject line. 



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The Cosmic Almanac for 2015 is an 80,000+ words/254 pages book of psychic & astrological predictions for the entire year ahead, written just for you by Rev. Dr. Cynthia.  In the Cosmic Almanac, Cynthia uses astrology as a tool (combined with her own innate psychic gifts) to predict energy shift & opportunities in the year ahead for you.  The Cosmic Almanac is actually TWO books in one, with Book 1 being "2015 Year Ahead Overview" and Book 2 being "2015 Detailed Monthly Forecasts". 
       The shifts discussed in this book are collective shifts....meaning that they impact ALL people of all signs & life-backgrounds, including YOU & your loved ones. 
           Although astrology is used as a tool for making the predictions, this book is primarily written for the non-astrologer layperson (aka: "regular person") who does not speak "astrologeuse" (smile) but simply wants to know what to expect in the year ahead. 
       Of course, if you already have a little astrological knowledge, that will only enhance your understanding of what you read in the Cosmic Almanac.  But it's really not necessary to know anything about astrology in order to use this book.....all you need to benefit & enjoy your 2015 Cosmic Almanac is an open-mind & a desire to know what is in store in cosmic-design for 2015! 
           THE COSMIC ALMANAC is two books in one....BOOK 1 IS THE 2015 YEAR OVERVIEW.  It contains 14 chapters of detailed info to help you plan your life & nagivate the energy shifts of 2015.  Book 1 explains to you more about why 2015 is a "Turning Point" year and how (and when) you can best begin to rebuild and renew your life in 2015. Book 1 also contains detailed info on the 2015 Chinese astrology for the year ahead of Wood Sheep (including lucky & less lucky signs in year of Wood Sheep).
Also included in Book 1 of the Almanac are many detailed charts/tables for helping you to calculate your personal lucky success, love, and money cycles in 2015.  Furthermore, this book-within-a-book provides you with detailed info about the Lunar Cycles in 2015 (full moons, new moon, and eclipses) including dates for all of these phenomenon in 2015, as well as tables for determing when the moon is in what sign and also when it goes Void of Course throughout the year (similar to a Mercury Retrograde effect).
          Speaking of Mercury retrograde....this Book 1 of the Cosmic Almanac also has very precise & detailed info for you concerning retrogrades in 2015, including special chapters for both Mercury and Venus retrograde, as well as retrograde info & dates for all of the other remaining planets, and what TO DO and NOT to do during specific retrograde cycles.
         Yes, all of this is contained within BOOK 1 alone!
         Book 1 could easily be a stand-alone book.  However, it is included as part of the "total package" of the Cosmic Almanac this year.  You will LUV this part of the book and probably refer to it MANY times in the year ahead!

              BOOK TWO of your Cosmic Almanac is "2015 Monthly Forecasts".  Here you will find detailed forecasts for each of the 12 months in 2015, as well as a preview forecast for January 2016.  These forecasts deal with the MAJOR, COLLECTIVE energetic shifts that are happening each month, and therefore ALL people of ALL signs are affected by these and can benefit by learning more about these shifts.  However, in some cases, certain people who have certain signs or specific degree positions in their birth chart will be even more powerfully affected by a certain shift.  When this is the case, you will be told exactly what signs or degrees to look for in your birth chart to determine if you are getting hit by the cosmic "clue by four" that month (or in some cases, visited by the cosmic luck fairy....smile).

        Just in case you're wondering what the monthly forecasts looks like, they are usually about 10-12 pages long (yes, that is for every month!).  Within each chapter for each month, there is very specific, precise information about trends, opportunities, and warnings being triggered during certain times that month.  The information covered for each month includes the "Cosmic Theme" for that month, the powerful planetary shifts that are at work, and "The Cosmic Overview" for that month in terms of practical action and spiritual meditation.  There also a special "Star Events" section that will keep you updated on any retrogrades or other planetary movements that are especially significant each month.  (The best way to get an idea of what one of these monthly forecasts is like is to check out the free download above on this page.)


         Altogether, the Cosmic Almanac for 2015 is the most in-depth, entertaining, and easy-to-understand book on Cosmic Shifts for the entire year ahead in 2015 that you can get anywhere!  It contains lots of practical advice for help you to cope when the energies get intense, and also plenty of tips advising you of how you can best work with the various energy shifts of 2015 and use them to your advantage.   

            In the forecasts contained in the Cosmic Almanac, Cynthia tells you precisely  when the major energy shifts for 2015 will occur, and EXACTLY who will be most affected by which shift according to the emphasis of signs & planetary placments in your chart.  You don't have to be an astrologer to read this book either....This "Cosmic Almanac" is written in easy to understand language for normal, everyday people who just want to receive a bit of cosmic guidance in their lives!

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Prefer to pay by check or money order?  You can.  Simply make out your check to "Cynthia Killion", and mail to 338 S. Volutsia, Wichita, KS 67211 USA.  When ordering by mail, please include your name, e-mail, and daytime telephone number (if in the US).  Also, include the name of the title you are ordering, and how many.  You will be notified by e-mail when your order goes out.

         For International Orders.....Please e-mail info@cynthiakillion.com with your complete mailing address (including city & country and country code), and we will e-mail you back with a paypal pay request for the correct amount based on shipping for your exact location.  Please be sure to put something like "question on Cosmic Almanac order" in the subject line so that your e-mail is not accidentally deleted.

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