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~Spiritual Guidance & Inspiration Brought To YOU~
Are you ready to spiritually grow, evolve, & TRANSFORM into your own personal "New Beginning"?

Dear Beautiful Soul, welcome to your portal of spiritual connection, insight, and awakening...the Telechat Club.  This is your direct connection to spiritual community, and the guidance, support, and inspiration you need to stay calm and spiritually-centered in these highly energetic (and somewhat chaotic) times.  You can access this support right from your home, or wherever you happen to be at the time of our calls, or when you listen back to the live recordings of our "Telechats".  The Telechat Club is your LIFELINE to spiritual support, guidance, and direction in these times of great transformation.


The Telechat Club is facilitated by spiritual teacher and psychic Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion.  From 2008 through the end of 2012, the Telechat Club met" at least twice a month, via telephone, to offer succulent and relevant spiritual-based sharing & teachings to its members.  Starting in 2013, the Telechat Club has become more of a Telechat "Circle", with no formal membership required, and periodic short teleclasses being held from time to time as Cynthia's schedule allows (sometimes we even have *free* one-time telechats).  In 2015, Rev. Dr. Cynthia is focused on offering you monthly guidance through her complimentary Cosmic Light and Guidance teleclasses, and there are plans for mediumship and psychic development teleclasses later in the year.

Both more free and paid telechats & teleclasses will be held throughout the year...please make sure that you are subscribed to Cynthia's on-line newsletter, The Cosmic Newsletter, so that you can stay updated about these free calls/paid teleclasses in 2015 as they are offered.  (If you are not yet subscribed, you may do so at Cynthia's main website, www.cynthiakillion.com.)


         Cynthia birthed the “TeleChat Club” in 2008 as a way of making deeper level spiritual guidance and support more accessible to her clients and students all around the world.  The Telechat Club is a kind of "forum" that allows Cynthia to work with several clients and students at once in an intimate, small group setting.  Cynthia has found that those who participate in the live calls of the Telechat Club benefit GREATLY from the combined energies of the group, and grow MUCH faster than those who are only developing on their own or through one-on-one sessions.


        The Telechat Club is unique in that it provides ON-GOING spiritual support & community, without requiring you to travel or join a "church".  It is entirely different than the "teleseminars" or "telesummits" that are being offered by others, as it truly is a rare opportunity for intimate sharing among other spiritually-minded folks, as well as consistent, on-going support in your process of spiritual growth. The support that you will receive comes from Cynthia, the other group members, and the Atlantean Teachers, Cynthia's main spirit guides who channel through her during a portion of each call.



PLEASE NOTE:  The Telechat Club is a trans-religious, non-denominational group.  The teachings & guidance offered in the Telechat Club span a broad spiritual spectrum, and seek to connect you with the wisdom of your own soul, rather than the dogma or tenets of man.  It does NOT matter what your religion is, or lack thereof.  Any and all open-minded, spiritually-aware people are encouraged to "join" the Telechat Club, and since this is no longer a membership-based club, all you need to do to be part of our circle is to just register for & show up on a free call or enroll for one of Cynthia's occasional paid tele-classes!  Please check the "Register for Open Call" page to see if any free call is happening in the month that you are visiting this website, or subscribe to Cynthia's free on-line Cosmic Newsletter at www.cynthiakillion.com to be notified of future complimentary calls.


        You can only go so far on your path of spiritual awakening by reading books or listening to CDs or attending the occasional workshop or even having the occasional one-on-one session with a spiritual teacher.  This is fine to get you started on the path.  However, if you are only developing on your own, you will soon hit a *plateau*, and eventually reach a point where you can GO NO FURTHER, except for with the help of a mentor, and the support of other like-minded spiritual explorers.  This is what the Telechat Club can provide you...the support you need to continue breaking through to the next level of spiritual growth & healing.


        After years of doing spiritual psychic counseling and mentorship, it has become clear to Cynthia that most people on the path of "conscious awakening" need a way to interact with a spiritual teacher on a regular basis, in a relaxed, informal setting that will allow them to share about their own lives (if they choose) and to ask the questions that are on their minds.  They also need to be able to have *Fun* while they are doing it!  This is why Cynthia’s “Tele-Chats” are always fun & uplifting, even though they do deal with serious subjects.


          Most spiritual teachers will tell you that it is essential to get AND stay inspired in order to reach your fullest spiritual & life potential.  Staying “inspired” is food for your spiritual appetite.  One of the keys to staying inspired is to gather together with other like-minded conscious & “high vibration” people on a regular and consistent basis….in other words, to experience spiritual community.  Attending classes, workshops, conferences, spiritual gatherings, and open-minded churches at least once a month gives you a chance to retreat from the “daily grind” & get refreshed. 

        With Cynthia’s Tele-Chat Club, you don’t have to worry about “getting ready” or traveling long distances to get inspired or connect with other like-minded spiritual folk.  All you have to do is make a simple phone call from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you happen to be), and you’re connected! 


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We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.