2023 Re-Awaken Your Inner Psychic

2023 Re-Awaken
Your Inner Psychic 
Group Mentorship Course 

For those who are ready to begin the journey
AND also for those who are ready
to go deeper into
their spiritual psychic wisdom

with Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion,
aka Psychic Cynthia


Do you feel that you have psychic gifts or inclinations of your own, but aren't yet sure how to go about opening these gifts?

Or perhaps you have already begun to awaken your inner psychic and commune with your guides, but would like to open even deeper in your spiritual psychic practice.

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then this course may be just right for you.... 


This course may also be for you if you are on a path of SELF-UNDERSTANDING, as in, trying to understand your own unique spiritual powers or gifts.....


If you are already psychically awakened, but want to sharpen and hone your skills so that you can be of greater service to the world, this course could also be of benefit for you. 


If you are in need of greater GROUNDING in your life, or easily become overwhelmed with energies (due to your psychic and energetic sensitivity), participating in this group course could prove INVALUABLE to you. 


Most importantly, if there is something within you that says that it is time to undertake this kind of psychic mentorship and growing, if this is something that your own intuition is leading you to, then it is likely that this will be a good fit for you. 

NOTE:  If you have already looked over the course info and are just here to pay your tuition, please keep scrolling down towards the bottom for payment button to get signed-up.




 Note:  These are our PLANNED topics, prior to beginning.

However, topics are subject to change according

to the needs of the group. 

Also, other topics can be discussed as needed

on on our monthly Q & A calls.


CLASS 1-Opening to Your Inner Psychic & Cosmic Mind


CLASS 2-Accessing Psychic States of Consciousness


CLASS 3-Grounding, Connecting with Earth Energy,

Releasing Excess Energy

CLASS 4-Opening Your Psychic Voice &

Channeling Your Own Inner Psychic


 CLASS 5-Psychic Protection & Shielding  


CLASS 6-Connecting with Guides

& Forming Spirit World Alliances  



To watch the video invite for this new course, please click on the pic above, or click here. 

You can also read more about Cynthia's inspired vision for this course here.

OR if you would just like to get more detailed written info (or get signed-up) please continue reading below. 



This is a group Psychic Mentorship course with Psychic Cynthia that is open to 20 people or less. 

There will be 6 live class meetings and up to 3 separate Q & A mentorship time meetings. 

These official meetings will be conducted via zoom. (That way, you can attend from wherever you live.)

Classes and Q & A meetings will be recorded, so that if you have to miss one, you will at least have the recording to listen back to.



These are all on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm Central USA time. 

For other time zones: 

That is 3 pm Eastern USA, 1 pm Mountain USA, and 12 noon Pacific USA time. 

(For those in Europe, this would be 8 pm London time.)


CLASS 1: January 8th 2023

CLASS 2: January 22nd 2023

CLASS 3: February 5th 2023

CLASS 4:  February 19th 2023

CLASS 5: March 5th 2023

CLASS 6: March 19th 2023


These are the dates for when Cynthia will be presenting live teachings relating to the spiritual psychic realm and activating your Inner Psychic. 

To get a sense of what kinds of topics Cynthia plans to teach on, please scroll back up & refer to the class-by-class description above.


Q & A Group Mentorship Calls

 In addition to these live classes, students will also have an opportuntiy to participate in a live Q & A group mentorship call each month where you can ask specific questions about your own personal psychic development or get input relating to some aspect of the spiritual psychic realm.


The dates for the three optional Q & A mentorship calls (one a month) have not been set yet, but will be scheduled before we begin in January.

Chances are good that these Q & A calls will be held on a Thursday night once a month.  (Once a month on a Saturday morning is the second choice.)

But again, we will decide on the dates for these in the next few weeks, after we get everybody signed up who is going to be joining us.


In addition to the 6 class meetings and 3 live Q and A calls....

If enough of us in the group live nearby and are interested in meeting once or twice in-person, there may be an additional in-person meeting offered. 

At this point, this is only a possibility, and certainly not a guarantee.

(Since we don't yet know who all is going to be part of the group, or where they live or what their travel abilities and scheduling options are.) 

But it's a possibility! (We will figure this out after the group has formed and the classes have started.) 



--Discover Your Natural Psychic Aptitude Video Class & materials

--Downloadable 74 page curriculum notebook on the basics of Spiritual Psychic Development

--Any other written, audio or video materials that Cynthia decides to add on as we go along



You can take this as a beginner if that is where you are at, and if so, it will be a most helpful introduction.

If you are more experienced on your spiritual psychic path, then you will be able to receive the information on a deeper level to help you reach the next level of awakening & evolution on your path.   


TUITION:  $333 for entire course--This includes access to all 6 live zoom classes, as well as our extra Q & A calls, plus class recordings and downloadable materials.  (Including the bonus class & curriculum notebook.) Payment options include credit or debit, paypal, pay later (for paypal account holders only, you can pay in 4 payments, upon approval), and venmo.


Please Note:  If you are currently experiencing financial hardships and do not have the financial means to pay full tuition at this time, you may still be able to join us.  For more information about "need a little help" reduced-fee scholarships, please scroll down a little ways.


REFUND POLICY:   Generally speaking, all monies paid for tuition for courses here on this site are non-refundable and non-transferable.  If you are considering taking this course, it is likely that you are already familiar with Psychic Cynthia and her work and will have a good sense of whether or not this is right for you.  However, if you do have any questions that you need answered before enrolling, please feel free to reach out to Cynthia via e-mail at cynthia@cynthiakillion.com or you can facebook message her. (FB Business page is Psychic Cynthia.  Personal is Cynthia Killion.)


**** IMPORTANT ***  When you enroll, in order to ensure that you get your class info, please add the following e-mail to your contacts list or address book:  cynthia@cynthiakillion.  (Otherwise, your class info might not reach you!) 


Also, upon enrolling, you should receive a welcome & confirmation e-mail directly from Psychic Cynthia within 1-2 business days.

If you don't receive your welcome e-mail within that time frame, first check your spam box, or your promotions folder. 

(G-mail especially likes to send class info to the promotions folder, but it can happen with any e-mail.) 

If you still don't see your class info there after 2 business days, please write Cynthia at cynthia@cynthiakillion.com and let her know that your class info didn't reach you yet.


PLEASE NOTE:  Unless we hear differently from you, we will automatically send your class info to the e-mail that you used to make your tuition payment. 

However, if you would prefer us to send your class e-mail to a DIFFERENT address, just let us know.  (You can e-mail Cynthia at cynthia@cynthiakillion.com with your alternate e-mail address, or FB message here.) 


To reserve your spot in this 2023 Inner Psychic Group Mentorship Course, please select your payment option below.  

TOTAL COST:  $333 for entire course.  Choose your preferred payment option below to get signed up.


If you are struggling financially and can't swing the full cost of the course....there are a few "need a little help" reduced-fee scholarship openings available for those who have less finanicial means but are still strong on commitment & enthusiasm.  These are available on a first-come, first serve basis.  For more info about the "need a little help" scholarships, please CLICK HERE.


      If you need more info or still have questions, please feel free to e-mail Psychic Cynthia with your questions at cynthia@cynthiakillion.com or message her on her Facebook page.  Bright Blessings! 


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