Discover Your Cosmic Life Purpose


Living a life of purpose & light,
and discovering your true path,
through the lens of your astrological blueprint
with Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion,
aka Psychic Cynthia


Your Path of Light & Purpose
Is Encoded in
Your Astrology Chart 

Your true higher destiny is revealed
through the position of your sun
and other celestial bodies
at the time of your birth.


Are you searching for your higher purpose or meaning in life?

Have you ever wondered what your MISSION is, what you came to earth to do, be or experience? 

Perhaps you are in the process of making decisions relating to choosing your career, business or perfect work for you.

(Or maybe you are a bit further along your life’s path, and it is time for you to shift from just having a career into having a purpose.)


If any of this is true for you, and if you are ready to discover more about your higher potential, then you have come to the right place,

for the answers and guidance you seek can be found in astrology, within your own birth chart….

In this two-session mini-course, we will explore the essence of who you are through the lens of astrology, and help you to get a clearer sense of direction for your higher life path.

We will delve into potential talents and gifts, and how these might impact your career, purpose and life path. 

To join us, please click on the buy now button below. 

(For more detailed info about this mini-course, continue reading below on this page.)


The fee to attend both live classes AND to receive access to class recordings and worksheets is $55.  Click on the "Buy Now" button above to get signed up.

(See below for dates of live classes. If you can't attend live, you are still welcome to join us and be a part of this course by watching back the recordings.)

 NOTE:  Those who sign-up by or before Wednesday August 9th will receive the early bird discount rate of $40. 

Fees received for courses are non-refundable and non-transferable, so please consider carefully before enrolling.

(If you have questions about whether or not this course is right for you, feel free to message or e-mail Cynthia with your questions before enrolling and paying your tuition.)

To get signed up for this mini-course, click on the "buy now" button above. 

(For more info about the course, including dates of live classes, keep reading below.)


How do you discover your higher path of purpose?

Your find your true path by finding and knowing your true self, your HIGHER self.

Your astrology chart is a blueprint of your soul energies, and thus can be utilized to access knowledge about the nature of your true, real, and eternal self.

This knowledge of your true self can be used to help you develop your potential, make better decisions regarding your career and life purpose, and to choose a higher path for yourself.

When viewed properly, your astrology chart contains the archetypal light-codes to help guide you in finding your way in this life, the way to walking your higher path of purpose and light. 

Your true higher destiny is revealed through the position of your sun and other celestial bodies at the time of your birth.

 If you know what to look for in the astrology chart, you can find the guidance you need to find your way to the perfect path for you, and to make important decisions regarding your career, higher life purpose or mission….


Before you came into this lifetime, there were SOUL CONTRACTS made, not only with others, but with YOUR SELF. 

Before coming to this earth, you choose very specific talents, energies, gifts and challenges that you wanted to experience and embody in this lifetime.

These are revealed in your astrological birth chart, which is a map of your energetic blueprint and soul contracts for this life.

Even without your entire chart, you can still glean deep-level knowledge about your purpose, talents, gifts and soul expression in this lifetime, provided you know your date of birth and your sun sign....


Understanding your purpose through the lens of astrology begins with the position of the central star in our solar system (the Sun) on your day of birth. 

The sun is your inner star in the chart, a roadmap and symbol of you as your highest self, fully embodied and radiant in this physical realm.

(Moving out from the sun, other nuances and details of your life purpose and higher calling can be gleaned by looking at the position of some of the other celestial bodies and points in your chart, such as the planetary rulers of your sun, nodes of the moon, and even the moon itself.)

In this upcoming mini-course, you will be given an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your purpose, talents and gifts by examining key ingredients of your birth chart, and how these reveal your talents, strengths, and lessons in this life, AND impact your career, life purpose, and life path.

This new understanding could assist you with choosing a new career or life path for yourself AND it can also help you learn to bring more of your true self and true gifts into the career and life path that you are ALREADY on.

 If you are interested in learning more about all of this, you are welcome to join us for this upcoming mini-course.





This is a two-session introductory mini-course that meets via zoom on the following dates & times:

 Class 1: Wednesday, August 23rd at 7:30 pm Central USA Daylight time

(That is 8:30 pm Eastern USA time, or 5:30 pm Pacific time)


Class 2:  Sunday, Aug 27th at 2 pm Central USA Daylight time

(For those in other time zones, that is 7:00 pm UTC, 3 pm Eastern USA time, and 12 noon Pacific time) 


Both classes will be recorded for you.

Join us live if you can.

Or if it is more convenient for you,

you can be a part of this experience by watching

the recorded class videos back later. 



(What will likely be covered) 


This is a mini-course to assist you with gaining information about your higher purpose, calling, and life path with the help of astrology.

By looking at very specific key ingredients in your chart, you can start to gain clues and insights into why you are here, the energies you came to express, and potential talents and gifts. 

This is NOT a course on basic chart reading.

Rather, this mini-course is something unique to help you get a better sense of direction and purpose with where you are going and life, and to help provide you with a better road map as to how you will get there. 

This course is also for assisting you with gaining deeper knowledge of your soul essence, purpose and life path. This is something that can really help you connect with your cosmic purpose and get in touch with your true self.

To clarify, this is a class that focuses on life purpose, and not just having a career or job. (However, if you are in the process of choosing or growing a career, you will likely find this knowledge invaluable, and we will delve into how your personal astrology might connect with creating your ideal career.)

No prior experience with astrology is required for taking this mini-course, as this is an introductory offering. 

(If you do happen to have prior experience with astrology, then that will only enhance your experience in this course, and allow you to absorb the deeper implications of the material presented.)


TOPICS that might be covered include: 

  --The 12 Primary Astrological Archetypal Life Paths

(and how these are connected to your purpose, role and career in life) 

--How to begin identifying YOUR primary archetypes & life path energies

--The Three Pillars of Destiny & Purpose (and identifying which pillar/phase you are currently in)

--Whatever else seems relevant & appropriate for those of you who have signed up for this course 



Required:  Knowledge of what your sun sign is...

Example:  Sun in Aquarius or Sun in Virgo (or whichever sign your own sun sign is in)


Recommended (but not required):  A copy of your astrology birth chart to reference.

   Note:  If you do not yet have a copy of your birth chart, you can easily obtain one on-line.

To do so, just type in "free birth chart" or "free astrology chart" into your search engine, and find the site that works best for you.


NOTE:  Since we will be working primarily with the sun and its planetary rulers in this introductory course (rather than the houses or the rising), it is OK if you don't know or do not have a precise time of birth for your chart.

(Of course, if you do have a chart that is based upon your exact time of birth, then that will provide another layer of information for you.)


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