Walking with the Ancestors Intro-Class


(and your passed-on
loved ones) *

A medimship-based journey into 
communicating across the veils &
receiving the blessings of your Ancestors

with Psychic Cynthia 
(aka Rev. Dr Cynthia Killion)  


Live class was held live via Zoom

on Thurs Nov 11th at 8 pm Central USA Time

(9 Eastern, 6 Pacific) 


However, you can still get registered to

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Walking with the Ancestors 

You are never alone and you are part of something much bigger than yourself. 

You are a single strand in a long line of THOUSANDS of strands that stretch all the way back to eternity. 

Your story is not only your own, but it is part of a larger story that is interwoven with those who have come before you. 

Your mission is not only your own and did not begin in this lifetime, but rather is a continuation of an ancient shared mission.

This is the essence of Ancestral connection & Ancestor veneration.

Your well-being, abundance, health & joy are rooted in your connection to those who came before you,

and gave their time, love, energy and physical lives so that you may exist here now.


When you commune with your Ancestors (as well as your passed-on loved ones),

you are reaching across the veils of space & time to experience eternity,

and you are traversing the roots & branches of your own spiritual & biological Tree of LIfe.

In this intro class, you will learn specific processes & tips for reaching back

to your Ancestors and passed-on loved ones on the other side, 

and opening yourself to receive the Ancestral Blessing.





--Who are the Ancestors? (And why connecting with them can be beneficial for you.)

--The difference between Ancestors & the Newly Dead

--The two main types of Ancestral work (and which one I recommend you start with & why)

--Tips for choosing an ancestor or ancestor group to connect with 

--A simple, step-by-step process for getting started (or RE-connecting again) with your Ancestors & passed-on loved ones

--Prayers for connecting with the Ancestors & seeking their blessing

--Tips for easing depression by connecting with the Ancestors

--Creative ways for activating, strengthening & feeding your connection with the Ancestors….including utilizing food, drink, arts & crafts, poetry, singing, music or movement to activate & strengthen the connection.

(Feed your Ancestors, and they will help feed YOU with increased joy, abundance, creativity & health!) 

--And whatever else seems appropriate on this joyful journey of Walking with the Ancestors!

If there is time & interest, we might also cover:

--A few tips for helping ease the transition for the Newly Dead

(and others who are not yet at peace)

--Connecting with your Clan Mother

--Land ancestral spirits & land spirits


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      If you need more info or still have questions, please feel free to e-mail Rev. Dr. Cynthia (Psychic Cynthia) at cynthia@cynthiakillion.com.  (Or use the "Contact Cynthia"  form on this site, or FB message Cynthia.)

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