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Subscribe to Rev. Dr. Cynthia's FREE newsletter today to receive free psychic and cosmic updates and to stay connected in with what is happening in the Spiritual Psychic Realm.  There are very specific energy trends happening at different times throughout the year....trends that affect your relationships, abundance, emotional well-being and spiritual psychic growth.  It can be a LOT to keep up with, and not every one has the training and psychic ability to perceive these trends.  But no worries, Rev. Dr. Cynthia has done the work for you, and will pass this knowledge along to you through her on-line newsletter, the Cosmic Newsletter.   

As a subscriber, you will receive FREE psychic guidance & astro updates anytime something BIG is happening in the cosmos.  Plus you'll get occasional (very occasional) updates about classes, events, and special promotions or discounts that Rev. Dr. Cynthia is offering.  

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FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT COURSES.....You can e-mail Psychic Cynthia & her team at, or you can use the form below to send a short message directly through this site.

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