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EAST MEETS WEST....A *FUN* and enlightening way to know yourself more deeply, discover your hidden nature and unknown talents and skills, and understand more about your unique role in the Universe.  There's so much more to you & your path than you ever knew possible....

To purchase your Chinese astrology reading with Rev. Dr. Cynthia, please CLICK HERE to be taken to the Chinese Astrology Reading Reservation page.  

         If you have never had a Chinese astrology reading before, then you are in for a *real treat*.  This kind of reading is fun and helps you to better understand who you really are, what motivates you, what your strengths are, and a bit about your lessons and weaknesses too. 

          Although there are some similiarities, Chinese astrology is quite a bit different than Western astrology.  Instead of using celestial archetypes correlating with the constellations, Chinese astrology is more totemic and earthly is based upon the 5 elements of Chinese mysticism as well as the Yin-Yang and the 12 animal signs (and their 60 different variations).  Because of this more "earthly" totemic nature, a Chinese astrology reading is well-suited to help you with your practical concerns in the here and now...whether those concerns are financial, relationship, health, career, educational or other areas of life.  For those who like to get into the more spiritual side of things, Chinese astrology is also an excellent tool for understanding what your highest destiny and fate are in this lifetime, and how to unlock this higher nature. 


  If you would like to see an example of a Four Pillars astrology chart, or learn a bit more about what this system of reading is all about, please CLICK HERE.



All Chinese astrology readings are based on your own unique Four Pillars Chinese astrology chart (which is quite different than your Western astrology chart).  Your first time Chinese astrology reading will focus on an overview of your chart, including what your 4 main animal signs are, what this reveals about your nature and your destiny, your Yin-Yang balance (and how that affects your relationships, career opportunities, health, etc), your lucky and unlucky elements and what you can do to better balance the energies in your life by working with these elements. 

        Also included in your first time Chinese astrology reading will be information on the signs/elemental types you are most compatible with, months that will be most lucky/unlucky for you in the year ahead, and info relating to your Ming Shu chart (a secondary chart based on your birth chart) about what to expect during your current decade cycle & destiny phase.  All of this is included in your initial session for a Chinese astrology reading with Cynthia. 


(Strategizing for good fortune & greater success in all areas) 

          Once you have had an initial Chinese astrology reading, if you enjoy this kind of reading (and you probably will!) you can also have follow-up sessions once or twice a year to stay current on what is happening in your Chinese astrology chart and how to best optimize your efforts for the season or year ahead. Follow up sessions are particularly good for strategizing how you might increase good fortune and success in the areas of health, joy, well-being, finances, relationships, family affairs, career matters, educational and creative pursuits, and so on.  Basically, any decision that you need to make (or any plans you need to come up with for going after a goal) can probably be better informed through consulting your Chinese astrology chart.  

To purchase your Chinese astrology reading with Rev. Dr. Cynthia, please CLICK HERE to be taken to the Chinese Astrology Reading Reservation page.  


 * READING FEE/ENERGY EXCHANGE:  $275 for your first time special reading.  ($225 for follow-up forecast/strategizing session.)

     These fees are for the standard telephone or Zoom reading that Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia offers for you. 

Note: Special in-person sessions may be available for those whom Psychic Cynthia has already worked with previously. There is an additional $50 fee for all in-person sessions. To inquire about the possibily of having your Chinese Astrology reading in-person, you can e-mail Psychic Cynthia directly at cynthia@cynthiakillion.  To read a bit of general info about the special in-person readings, you can go to the in-person spiritual psychic reading info page. 

  * WHAT IS INCLUDED:  Your reading of approximately 1 hour & 20 minutes (1 hour for follow-up sessions); a copy of your actual Chinese astrology chart, any reports or reading notes that Psychic Cynthia feels led to share with you, a listing of signs/elements that you are compatible and uncompatible with, and info on your lucky and unlucky months for the year ahead. Also included is a complimentary downloadable audio recording of your reading.  

Requests for Compatibility Readings:  Chinese astrology readings usually focus on ONE person's chart at a time, especially for a first reading.  However, Chinese astrology is also excellent for doing relationship compatibility readings (which require the reading & blending of TWO people's charts in a single reading).  If your primary reason for having a Chinese astrology reading is for relationship compatability, Cynthia can definitely do that for you, and do it quite well. (For her doctorate dissertation was on Chinese astrology, the Yin-Yang balance in the chart, and how that affects relationships). 

          If you would like this kind of reading and would like Psychic Cynthia to look at another person's chart along with yours & make a comparision, there will be an additional $50 charge for the second chart.  Also, the reading will be slightly different, in that instead of concentrating on your nature & your higher destiny, this compatability reading will concentrate on the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship, how your animal signs and elemental balances work together with your partner's, and what you can do to better understand each other and create greater harmony in the relationship.

* SCHEDULING/TURN-AROUND TIME:  Once you pay for and request your Chinese astrology reading, it is usually scheduled for about 1-2 weeks later.  Usually it is closer to about a week or a week and a half later, but actual scheduling depends on a number of things, including how flexible your schedule is, and also how many astrology charts Cynthia currently has to review for readings.  The soonest you can expect to have your reading would be 5-7 days from when you register & pay, because it takes at least that long for Psychic Cynthia to set up your charts, create her notes and do the necessary reports (a lot of this calculation is actually done by hand, and not by an computer program). 

*HOW TO RESERVE YOUR READING:  It's easy! When you are ready to get your Chinese astrology reading set up, all you need to do is to CLICK HERE to go over to the page where you can purchase your Chinese astrology reading.

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