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Please Note: We are in the process of moving courses & classes to a separate website.  Things may look a little messy here for awhile while we are under construction, but we promise it will be a whole lot better once we have moved everything to the new site....thanks for your understanding & patience!  

You can CLICK HERE to check out the new website for courses & classes with Psychic Cynthia.


To learn more about Cynthia's RUNE BASICS course, CLICK HERE 

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 Current NEW featured course:   Using TAROT & ORACLE CARDS for Awakening Your Inner Psychic--a self-guided video course.  

CLICK HERE for more info or to purchase. 


      Other Most Recent Featured Course:  Awakening Your Inner Psychic--Level 1, Beginning the Journey.   A 10 week video course.  CLICK HERE for more info or to get enrolled & get instant access to your first few videos.

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