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To purchase a Guiding Star Life Program Reading, OR to purchase a follow-up forecast reading (for returning clients only), please CLICK HERE.
(To inquire about special in-person sessions, please GO HERE. )
* Psychic Cynthia's signature astrological reading is the GUIDING STAR LIFE PROGRAM READING.  
If you have never had an astrological reading with Psychic Cynthia before, this is probably where you should start.  
(Unless you are in need of specialized guidance relating to another one of Cynthia's speciality astro areas--please CLICK HERE for more info about other speciality astro-readings.)   

   The Guiding Star Life Program reading is a most in-depth astrological reading that will reveal to you your larger purpose for being, the reasons you most likely came to this earth plane, what you are here to learn and how you are here to serve and give.  It can help you to discover your true purpose in this life, and increase your awarenes of strengths, talents, and gifts.  If you could only have one reading with Psychic Cynthia, or even one reading with anyone ever, this is the one that Psychic Cynthia recommends.  

  Through this Guiding Star Life Program reading, you will learn the various signs & larger cosmic patterns in your OWN personal astrology chart, AND you will learn which element is your strongest ally, which planetary energies are most "friendly" to you (and thus can be called upon to help you be more successful on your life path) and which planetary energies require more work to flow harmoniously in your life.  All this is included in your basic Guiding Star Life Program Reading.   
COST & FEES:  The energy-investment cost for a Guiding Star Life Program reading with Psychic Cynthia is $275 for a 1 hour session that just covers your life program, or $325 for a 90 minute session that covers your life program, as well as some predictions for the next 3-6 months ahead.  This is for a session that is conducted via telephone.  (Or if you prefer, you may have your reading via private FB chat.  Or if you are really busy and don't have time to call in or chat on FB, Cynthia can simply do the reading without you and make an Mp3 audio file download for you.  For those who desire an in-person session, special in-person sessions are available for an additional fee.)  

  Either way, included in your reading fee is the reading itself, copies of the charts used for the reading (hard copy in USA, digital copy for internationl clients), a CD recording of the reading mailed out to you afterwards (digital download for international clients), and a special Guiding Star Life Program Natal Chart interpretation report (e-mailed as a PDF).  If you purchase the premium 90 minute session, you will also receive a second download report that covers your major transits for the next 6 months ahead.

When you are ready to register for a Psychic Astrology session, please CLICK HERE.  

 To learn more about what to expect in an actual session, click here. 

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VERY BASIC INFO....about "Guiding Star" Psychic Astrology Readings with Cynthia

           Note:  All prices listed below are for telephone or M3 download reading.  Additional fees apply when requesting special in-person session.   Please see links on regular registration page for more info.
*  Costs:  Basic Guiding Star "Life Program" Reading.....Cynthia's signature astrologly reading for you....your life purpose, what you came here to learn....your lessons & life "major", challenges & strengths, karmic issues, best paths to follow in life in order to ensure highest level of peace, satisfaction, meaning, and abundance, pitfalls to watch out for, what you have been like in past lives, and what you are learning to be about in THIS current life, the highest destiny you can fulfill in this life, and much more.....$275 for new & occasional clients.  Includes recording of reading.  Please note that this reading can also be purchase by parents to gain insight into the Life Program of a child.  (When purchasing for a child, please be sure to enter his/her birth data into the reading form, rather than your own.)
PREMIUM Guiding Star "Life Program" life program reading....$325 for all clients.  Includes the regular "Life Program" reading PLUS predictive forecast for the next few months ahead.


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