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Fall Rejuvenation Essences




for psychic & emotional cleansing, re-balancing,

rejuvenation, protection, 

strengthening & relaxing into your higher self


Choose 1-3 formulas that resonate most with you, and use them 1-4 times a day for at least one moon cycle, to help strengthen, shift, and expand your vibrations, and re-balance your heart, mind, and soul. 

QUICK ORDER-For ER Formula Only-see below for all others:  To order your 1 or 2 oz. bottle of EMERGENCY RELIEF & SUPPORT (your choice), please click below to select the size you want & your preferred preservation base, and then click on the ADD TO CART button to order.   Cost is $25 for a 1 oz bottle, or $35 for a 2 ounce bottle, plus shipping & handling and tax (KS residents only). 

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ORDER ALL OTHER FORMULAS HERE....Click on the name of the formula you would like to order below.  To see all of the 10 remaining choices, click on the arrow to pull up the drop down menu. Shipping & applicable taxes (KS residents only) will be added later, and can be reviewed before checking out.

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GROUNDED & CENTERED FORMULA-Get refocused & regrounded, prioritize & concentrate on what is TRULY important 
(grounding protects on a psychic level too) Recommended for ALL on a psychic, spiritual, or healing path
 ASPIRE HIGHER-Deeply rooted and shining your light into the heavens-blossoming into your highest potential in a grounded, healthy, & centered way 
NEW CYCLE: CLEAR & RE-SET-Make a clean sweep energetically, harmonize, energize, & start again renewed! 
 ER SPECIAL FORMULA-Emergency Relief-A good all purpose essence blend that helps to re-calibrate & re-align the energy field towards peace & relaxation, no matter what the issue or situation
AUTUMN LEAVES-Let go & embrace the beauty of change!  For moving on and growing on, ease and joy in times of transition, growth & cleansing.
TENSION EASE & RELAXATION-Releases stress & tension embedded deeply in the energy field, relaxing and energizing at the same time.
KARMA CLEANSE-For clearing out old baggage that might be limiting you, holding you back, or weighing you down.  
GATEWAY ACTIVATION-DOORWAY OPENER-For crossing the veil, communing with spirit helpers, recieving blessings from the spiritual realm & opening the pathways to new life. 
lADY OF ROSES-Spiritual guide, protector, soother-step out of fear, discouragement or apathy into hope, renewal, & serenity. 
SHADOW WORK FORMULA-For recognizing, confronting, & embracing the shadow side of self-cleansing, soothing, transforming, accepting & integrating  
(see also Black-Eyed Susan individual essence below for shadow work help)
 CLEAR PASSAGES & PATHWAYS-Breathe easy on your spiritual journey-release pent-up grief and trauma GENTLY, relax and be at ease on your path and within your healing process-
You Are Safe.
RE-BALANCE, REJUVENATE & RE-FOCUS FOR THIS SEASON OF GROWTH AHEAD--see below for INDIVIDUAL flower essences recommended for Fall 

NOTE:  Your formulas can be taken by themselves, or in combination with & along with 1-5 single essences.  See below for the top 11 single essences that are recommended for this time of the year, for this particular year.  All formulas come in 1 or 2 oz bottles, with price being based on size.  (1 oz - $25.  2 oz - $35.  Plus any applicable sales tax & shipping & handling.)

The following essences were selected for their ability to help us rebalance and refocus as we move through this time of accelerated transition & transformation.  They are mainly essences that help us to deal effectively with change, embrace our shadow side, face & release our fears, harness our inner wisdom & creativity, and release any buried resentment, turmoil or other churning emotional energy that may be keeping us stuck, stagnant or unfocused.  Choose1-5 single essences that resonate most with you, and use them 1-4 times a day for at least one moon cycle.

ORDER HERE....Click on the name of the single essence you would like to order below.  To see all of the choices, click on the arrow to pull up the drop down menu. (Note that Willow is listed separately below, with its own payment button--only 10 choices can be show at once, & Willow is number 11.)  Shipping & applicable taxes (KS residents only) will be added later, and can be reviewed before checking out.

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ALOE VERA-Soothing regeneration & recuperation.  For when you feel burnt-out, overworked, or worked up and need to mellow or recuperate.  Repairs vibratonal bodies, refreshes & aids in recovery.  Good at ANY time of year, but especially in the busy cycles.
BLACK-EYED SUSAN-Calm, graceful, centered action.  For recognizing & embracing your shadow self and making it a friend (rather than your enemy).

BLACK NIGHTSHADE-For dealing with emotional/mental/psychic issues relating to nurturing, the breasts, and mother-child relationships. Especially for women to help them better accept, love and appreciate their bodies, at any age, but especially when breast-feeding or as we age.  
CHAMOMILE-For accessing your inner cheerfulness & calm and being emotionally resilient.  For greater emotional equilibrium. Helps ease & relinquish the energy patterns of irritation, frustration, & moodiness.
ELM (tree flower essence)-Strength, renewal & support.  For when you have a destiny to fulfill & feel overwhelmed by the weight of it all--help delegating, letting go & opening to receive help.  Easing the energetic burden of the "special mission".
LINDEN/Tilia (tree flower essence)-Release inner turmoil.  For letting go, closure & acceptance, welcoming change & relaxing into the sweetness of life.  

PUMPKIN BLOSSOM-Connect with divine abundance & creative energy.  Often recommended for expecting mothers, this one is also good for any of us who wish to reconnect back with Divine consciousnes, access needed strength, and get focused on our important projects & mission.  
RED DYNASTY CABBAGE-Accessing inner symmetry & balance.  For overcoming scatterdness, excessiveness or lack of focus--also for help releasing any attachments, energies or emotions that may be acting as psychic parasites. Cool, calm, POISED.  
STEVIA-For overcoming & transcending inner bitterness, for moving into your higher mind, opening up & connecting with your true spiritual tribe.  
WALNUT-For appropriate levels of openness.  Balancing vulnerability and openness with healthy psychic & emotional defenses. Helps protect from unwanted influences.    
WILLOW-Emotional Resiliency.  For when you feel stuck and/or just can't seem to move on or get "over it"--whatever "it" is.  For mobilizing your inner power to heal & move on and be happy again. 

Namaste and Blessed Be. 

REFUND/RETURN POLICY:  Because these are hand-crafted items (that are usually used in very personal ways), all payments for Flairy essences are non-refundable & non-transferable.  So please consider carefully when purchasing, and if you are not sure about what you are ordering or need more info, please ask your questions BEFORE you order.  (You can e-mail Rev. Dr. Cynthia with your questions at, or use the Contact Cynthia form on this site.)  Also, know that in the unlikely event that your flower essence formula were to arrive in an unusable condition (such as a broken bottle), all you need to do is to contact Cynthia & her team, and we will be sure to get you a replacement as soon as possible.  (Photodocumentation of bottle may be required.)


FLOWER ESSENCES are flower (and plant) water infusions that have been potentized by sunlight then preserved in alcohol and can be used to change consciousness, raise spiritual vibration, and facilitate healing & awareness on the spiritual, emotional, mental & psychic levels.  The essences are usually taken a few drops at a time orally (or rubbed onto the skin or used in the bath) usually somewhere between 1-4 times a day for a cycle of about a month, although sometimes slightly longer is needed.  (Literally, a few drops is all it takes to change your vibration!)  They are SOUL HEALERS  that can assist with your healing, growth, and evolution on ALL levels, especially as it relates to the finer non-physical realms.  And as your soul heals, re-aligns, and grows, this provides extra energy and impetus for your healing & growth on all other levels of life as well.  Flower essences are NOT pharmeceutical or concentrated herbal medicines, and are not intended to treat or cure physical disease or medical conditions--instead they assist you in your emotional & spiritual healing on the subtle, vibrational levels.  

          If you are new to flower essences and would like more info about what they are and how they work, please CLICK HERE to learn more. 

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 NOTE/DISCLAIMER: Flower essences are vibrational healing elixers, but they are NOT medicines in the pharmaceutical sense. Therefore, the information and claims regarding essences on this site has not been evaluated by the FDA, and flower essences are NOT intended to treat or cure medical conditions. Instead, they offer vibrational support to assist you in your overall health & well-being. Please see a medical doctor or qualified natural healer for help with your medical conditions. Also, do not stop taking your medications without the advice of a medical doctor. (Besides, flower essences are so gentle that you can usually take your flower essences along with any medications you are taking, so there is no need to discontinue medication unless you & your doctor decide that is what is best for you.)


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