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 NOTE/DISCLAIMER: Flower essences are vibrational healing elixers, but they are NOT medicines in the pharmaceutical sense. Therefore, the information and claims regarding essences on this site has not been evaluated by the FDA, and flower essences are NOT intended to treat or cure medical conditions. Instead, they offer vibrational support to assist you in your overall health & well-being. Please see a medical doctor or qualified natural healer for help with your medical conditions. Also, do not stop taking your medications without the advice of a medical doctor. (Besides, flower essences are so gentle that you can usually take your flower essences along with any medications you are taking, so there is no need to discontinue medication unless you & your doctor decide that is what is best for you.)

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            Rev. Dr. Cynthia has created over 20 multi-essence vibrational formulas to help assist you with MANY different issues and areas of life.  Each of these formulas contains anywhere from 8-20 individual essences combined together to create a synergetic effect.  
          Although you can take just 1 or 2 single flower essence at once, the essences often work more powerfully to affect change when combined together.  Of course, some essences blend together more harmoniously than others, and not everyone using essences has the knowledge (or the time) to figure out exactly which combination of essences work best together for which issue.  With her line of Flairy Essences Vibrational Blends, Cynthia has taken all the guesswork out of it & done the research for you, creating a line of combination formulas that make it easy & effortless for you to get the energetic support you need without having to spend a lot of time researching all of this.
          Also, since most of these formula blends have several different essences in them (almost always more than 10) it really is more economical to purchase a formula bottle for your specific issue (rather than buying 10 or more different individual stock bottles separately).  All in all, the formulas are an excellent choice for when you want (or need) immediate energetic support and a psychic boost around one specific area of life.
       Keep reading below to learn more about some of the formulas that are currently being offered through this site.  
NOTE:  This page includes info for Flairy Essences Vibrational Formulas #1-10. 
For more info about Flairy Essences Vibration Formulas #11 and upward, please CLICK HERE.  (Includes Cranky Wanky Mellow Out special formula.)

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    A QUICK NOTE ON COSTS:  Unless otherwise specified, all formulas come in a 1 oz. glass bottle, and are $25 a bottle, plus shipping and handling (and sales tax for KS residents only).  A couple of formulas are available in the 2 oz. size only, and those are $35.  As of this current writing, Cynthia's flower essences can only be shipped to places in the United States.  (We will keep you posted if that changes.)  Also, if you are new to flower essences and are wondering how you are supposed to take them, no worries!  Each order includes informational paperwork for you regarding the particular formula you have ordered, as well as detailed suggestions for taking it. 

          Also, in case you are wondering, for most people, a 1 oz. bottle will last from around 16 days up to 4 months (with the average being a little bit more than 1 month), depending on how frequently you take your formula and how many drops you take at a time.  If you are planning on taking it more frequently, you may wish to order 2 bottles of the same one at once, in order to save on future shipping charges.


QUICK ORDER OPTION:  If you already know which formula/formulas that you would like, then you can just click on them below to order.  (Be sure to also select your preferred preservative base....if you don't select that, then the standard alcohol base will be used, unless it is one of the three formulas that is usually preserved in rosewater.)  Shipping is calculated automatically, based on the number of bottles that you are ordering ($9 minimum, free shipping on orders of 5 bottles of formulas or more.) 

      To Order More than One Kind at Once:  Just click on name of first formula, and choose "add to cart".  Then when it takes you to the payment processing page, choose "Continue Shopping" to go back and order another by choosing "add to cart" again.  (If you are just ordering one formula at once, you can also scroll down and pay for it below by its name & description.)  

                 FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE VARIOUS FORMULAS OFFERED (#1-#10), please scroll down just a bit more. 

                 (To get to the order/info page for Vibrational Formulas #11 and upward, please CLICK HERE.)

ORDER HERE....Click on the name of the formula you would like to order below.  To see all of the 10 choices, click on the arrow to pull up the drop down menu. Shipping & applicable taxes (KS residents only) will be added later, and can be reviewed before checking out.

Vibrational Formula Blends by Cynthia
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REFUND/RETURN POLICY:  Because these are hand-crafted items (that are usually used in very personal ways), all payments for Flairy essences are non-refundable & non-transferable.  So please consider carefully when purchasing, and if you are not sure about what you are ordering or need more info, please ask your questions BEFORE your order.  (You can e-mail Rev. Dr. Cynthia with your questions at, or use the Contact Cynthia form on this site.)  Also, know that in the unlikely event that your flower essence formula were to arrive in an unusable condition (such as a broken bottle), all you need to do is to contact Cynthia & her team, and we will be sure to get you a replacement as soon as possible.  (Photodocumentation of bottle may be required.)

 Flairy Essence Vibrational Formulas #1-#10
1) RECOVER ANCIENT WISDOM special formula--Reactivation of past life knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual healing ability.  Reconnect with the wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis, re-ignite channeling, shamanic and trance work skills.  Opens the upper three chakras while simultaneously opening & strengthening the lower chakras as well.  Very grounding.  Can also enhance psychic reading, psychic dreaming, and divinination skills. 
           14 different essences, including two special crystal elixers and one lunar essence.  This formula was channeled through under the guidance of the Atlantean Teachers (Cynthia's main spirit guides).  Its purpose is to gradually help reawaken past life knowledge and awareness that was gained while living in the ancient wise and enlightened societies such as Lemuria, Atlantis, China, India, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and ancient Ireland.  Some of the essences contained in this formula also assist with reconnecting back with ancient tribal roots & Native American wisdom.  Each bottle of Recover Ancient Wisdom is charged with the energies of the Chinese I-ching coins that Cynthia personally uses to cast the I-ching oracle with.

Recover Ancient Wisdom formula--$25 for 1 oz. bottle--click below to order & choose your preservative base.

Choose Your Preservative Base

2) BRING BACK MY MOJO/RESTORE ZEST & ZEAL FOR LIVING special formula--Get back your passion, energy and enthusiasm, overcome emotional, mental & physical fatigue, and get moving again on those things that matter the most to you.  Jumpstarts the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras.
             For when you feel your passion or special "zing" has left you, when you are tired and lacking enthusiasm in life, or find it hard to get out of bed or be as excited as you once were about living.  Also for when you just need help getting re-charged, motivated or inspired again.  This formula contains 11 different essences (including three mushroom essences).  The star of this formula is the Bossanova Begonia, a fiery red plant that can help you regain your "bossa" or mojo again. 

Bring Back My Mojo/Restore Zest & Zeal for Living formula--$25 for 1 oz. bottle--click below to order & choose your preservative base.

Choice of Preservative Base

3) FAIRY SIGHT special formula--Increases clairvoyant & clairaudient awareness, amplies channeling skills and ability to psychically "download" information (especially from angels, fairies, and nature spirits), reawakens inner knowledge of nature wisdom, plant healing, and fairy magic.  Increases feelings of ONENESS with all of life, especially nature & Gaia herself.  For those who wish to see life as the fairies do, full of light, magic, and mirth!  Opens upper chakras (especially the third eye).  
           This 20 essence formula is especially effective (in terms of stimulating psychic perception) in those who have already been meditating or developing for awhile.  However, regardless of your previous level of spiritual psychic training & development (or lack thereof), this formula can GREATLY accelerate an increase and opening in your psychic awareness and deepen your connection with your own intuition, spirit guides, angels, and guardian fairies.  It is also good for enhancing psychic and telepathic communication with plants & animals, as well as increasing conscious communication with your plant & animals totems.  Try taking this Fairy Sight formula before you go outside to garden or go on a nature will likely be pleasantly surprised!

Fairy Sight formula--$25 for 1 oz. bottle--click below to order & choose your preservative base.

Choose Your Preservative Base

 4) FEMININE BALANCE & SUPPORT special formula--Energetic Help for female transitions, shifts, and issues. Strengthens & enhances Yin energy.  For being more comfortable in your own skin.  Calms and soothes the emotions while providing additional energy & motivation during times of hormonal shifts. 
            This formula contains 10 essences to help to support hormonal balance on an energetic and etheric level.  Lifts moods, soothes anger and revitalizes and refreshes your energy field, assisting with overcoming exhaustion, mood swings, or other symptoms of feminine energy imbalance.  Helps to keep your emotions & energies flowing in a healthy way.  When the hormones/energies feel all pent up or stuck, this is the formula to turn to.  Also enhances creativity and self-expression. 

Feminine Balance & Support formula--$25 for 1 oz. bottle--click below to order & choose your preservative base.

Choice of Preservative Base

5) HEART-MENDER (Help for the Bereaved & Broken-hearted) special formula--Helps to heal unresolved grief, trauma, tragedy and sorrow.  For when you have lost someone to death or experienced the end of a relationship.  For clearing stored emotion & trauma from the aura, and help healing broken-heartedness, and moving forward.  Can also help to increase joy, lighten the heart and fill one with a sense of inner peace & serenity. For those who wish to sense their loved ones & angels on the other side, Heart-Mender can help open your heart so that you can truly feel them.  Works primarily on the heart and solar plexus chakras, although all chakras will benefit from this formula.  

          Heart-mender is for those who need help healing a broken heart due to the loss or end of a relationship, or the passing of a loved one to the other side.  This passing/ending may have recently happened, or it may have occurred much further back in your own personal history.  Many people have unresolved grief relating to prior deaths, abandonments or relationship endings that occurred in childhood or early adult-hood.  This unresolved grief & trauma stores in the aura and prevents one from living a full and happy life.  The only way to move forward is to clear this stored emotional energy from the aura and the heart and solar plexus chakras.  Heart mender contains 15 essences preserved in rosewater to help you restore your serenity and release any toxic emotional residues which may be holding you back from your highest growth and happiness.

Heart Mender (Help for the Bereaved & Broken-hearted) formula--$25 for 1 oz. bottle--click below to order.  (Note:  Heart Mender is bottled using pure rosewater as a preservative base only.)

 6) KARMA CLEANSE & RELEASE (Lighten Your Load & Move On) special formula--For when you are ready to shed old destructive patterns or emotional residues that may be holding you back from expressing your highest self & receiving your highest good. Cleanses karma & assists in breaking out of old energetic ruts, especially those involving relationships or partnerships of any kind.  Helps you to release any unhealthy attachments to the past, and move forward with ease to NEW, BIG DREAMS.  Learn to forgive & detach and not be so easily triggered anymore by those things that once used to trigger or hurt you. Transcend drama, achieve forgiveness once and for all, and move on.   

         This formula is good for restoring joy after grieving or having gone through a prolonged time of painful struggle.  This is for when you would really like to move forward with joy and ease, instead of being stuck in the same ol' place over and over again (energetically speaking).  Karma-Cleanse is energetically linked to the Violet Flame, for three of the eleven flowers used in this blend carry the color of deep violet or purple in their physical forms, including deep purple Verbena, wild Venice Mallow, and purple Morning Glory.  Meditating on the Violet Flame while you are also taking this flower essence can greatly help to release energetic trauma and renew your spirit.  This Karma Cleanse essence blend can also help with lifting your spirits, raising your life force, restoring your interest in life, and bringing back joy, zeal, a reason to live and trust and open your heart again. 

Karma Cleanse & Release formula--$25 for 1 oz. bottle--click below to order & choose your preservative base.  (Note:  Vinegar is not available as a preservative option for this formula, as it does not work well with the formula's basic energies.)

Choose Your Preservative Base

7) PSYCHIC SHIELDING & PROTECTION special formula--Strengthens the aura, deflects negative thought forms and energies, protects against negative or dark entities, and helps to repel and shed parasitic relationships and energies. Assists with grounding when needed, and increases psychic and emotional strength, raising the frequencies of light in one's aura.  Can be used to cleanse a space of negative energies. A formula that works to clear, balance, and raise the frequencies of the aura and the entire chakra system.  

            This formula is especially useful for any and all who are psychically sensitive.  However, just about any one who has to deal with any kind of negativity at any time can benefit from having this formula on hand. This is a good psychic "first aid" formula for helping you recover after you have been traumatized or upset by any kind of disturbing or negative encounter, especially those kinds of encounters where you feel that your aura has been "hacked" or "drained" by negative energies.  Contains 10 different essences to help re-charge and re-balance your aura and get it nice and clean and sparkly again. 

Psychic Shielding & Protection formula--$25 for 1 oz. bottle--click below to order & choose your preservative base.

Choose Your Preservative Base

8) TENSION EASE & RELAXATION special formula--Helps to melt tension, dissolve chronic stress, and revitalize & strengthen the energetic structures that support the muscles.  Very soothing & energizing at the same time.  Especially useful for when you feel overwhelmed by life's demands.  When pressure or stress has taken over your life, can help to create a relaxed feeling of space within and bring back a sense of joy, fun, and play to life.

           When tension, stress, or anxiety hit, this is the formula that you can turn to to help restore a sense of calm, harmony, and inner peace.  Helps to relieve both chronic stress & short term tension.  If you have been under stress for quite some time, taking this formula daily for 1-2 months can help you to gently release the stored stress from your chakras, meridians, and auras.  This formula can also be kept on hand and used as needed for whenever periodic moments of stress appear.  (The spray version in rosewater is particularly helpful for this.) 

Tension Ease & Relaxation special formula--$25 for 1 oz. bottle (to be taken orally).  Or for the same price, you may purchase the lovely SPRAY version of this formula mixed in rosewater.  Or if you prefer, you can order BOTH the regular bottle and the spray and use them together.  (You save $5 when ordering both together at the same time.)  Click below to order Tension Ease in your preferred form & choose your preservative base (for the regular bottle).

Tension Ease...Choose kind of bottle
Choose Your Preservative Base

9) WORK & VOCATION MAGIC special formula--Ignites your inner spirit in the realms of business, career, work or vocation.  Help overcoming procrastination, getting focused, seeing what needs to be done, and then doing it.  Encourages ACTION and helps you to claim your inner power & authority and move forward more confidently in career matters.  Strengthens, balances, and energizes MANY chakras, including the root, solar plexus, heart and crown, helping you direct their energies into manifesting a more abundant and vital career & work experience for yourself. 

          The poet Gibran wrote that "Work is love made visible".  This special formula contains 10 flower essences to help you find and create the work that you love, and to love the work that you do.  The energies in this formula help you stay strong, clear, focused and inspired as you go about making changes in the realms of career, business, and work.  This formula helps to facilitate a more positive and cheerful attitude that is excellent for magnetizing employment and business opportunities, as well as increased abundance in all areas.  It can empower you to take wise and inspired action, keeping focused and on task.  This is energetic support for your next leap forward in the job, career, or business realm!

Work & Vocation Magic formula--$25 for 1 oz. bottle--click below to order & choose your preservative base.

Choose Your Preservative Base

10) YARROW HELP PLUS FOR EMPATHS--For psychically or emotionally sensitive people who easily pick up on other peoples energies and problems or find themselves carrying the emotional or energetic weight of the world on their shoulders.  Also for anyone who works in the healing, teaching, counseling, human resources or public relations fields, or anyone else who is charged with the task of leading, healing, or inspiring others in their daily lives.  Helps to restore your energy, balance your relationships, and strengthen and protect your aura.  Assists with lifting and revitalizing your inner spirit, invoking angelic comfort and helping you to have healthier boundaries. 

            Yarrow Help is for protecting, nurturing and strengthening the wounded healer in all of us.  Do you find yourself easily listening to other people's problems or offering help?  Are you the one that others always lean upon for help & support in your world?  Is it easy for you to sense the moods, feelings, thoughts or energies of others around you?  Do you find that you are easily drained when you are around people who are sick, depressed, or carry negative energy?  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you need Yarrow Help formula! 


Yarrow Help Plus for Empaths formula--$25 for 1 oz. bottle--click below to order & choose your preservative base.

Choose Your Preservative Base


Prefer to pay by check or money order?  You can.  Simply make out your check or money order to "Cynthia Killion", and mail to 338 S. Volutsia, Wichita, KS 67211 USA.  Don't forget to include shipping charges in your total too ($9 for first bottle, $10 for 2 bottles, $11 for 3 bottles, $12 for 4 shipping on orders of 5 or more.)  When ordering by mail, please include your name, e-mail, and daytime telephone number (if in the US).  Also, include the name of the creation you are ordering, how many, and the address of where you would like it shipped to.  You will be notified by e-mail with a confirmation when your order goes out.

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