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WHAT THIS IS:  "Awakening Your Inner Psychic" is Psychic Cynthia's signature introductory course that she created specifically for her private mentorship students.  The entire course contains 22 videos, for a total of about 5 1/2 hours viewing time.  Below you will find direct links to the first five videos in this program, and you are welcome to watch & learn--just be sure to watch the videos in order if you can, as each one builds on the other.  (Courses are numbered below, and in the video descriptions on You-tube.)

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      A note from Psychic Cynthia regarding those who would like to earn a Certificate of Completion for this course:  

All are welcome to watch, study and learn from these videos as they become available on my Psychic Cynthia You-Tube channel, free of charge, as my gift to you.  
    If you are a more serious student of the psychic arts, you may be interested to know that for those who actually purchase & enroll in the official course, I have created exams to go along with each of the videos, as well as companion audio meditations & writings. 
       In fact, you can even earn a Certificate of Completion for this course by taking the exams and completing a final project.  But even if you don't necessarily want to earn a certificate, the simple on-line exams that go along with the videos are a great way to test and REINFORCE your knowledge of what you are learning from each video.  Plus, the companion meditations that are part of the course are AWESOME and will help you in balancing & strengthening your chakras, while also awakening your inner psychic. 

      For more info about the official Awakening Your Inner Psychic video course program, or to get signed up, CLICK HERE.  Keep scrolling down below for the direct links to the videos in this series.  Enjoy!

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VIDEO CLASS #1: Welcome to Awakening Your Inner Psychic  about 12 min.

VIDEO CLASS #2:  Finding Your Why   about 11 min.  

VIDEO CLASS #3:  Loosen & Limber Up Psychically   about 7 min.  

VIDEO CLASS #4:  Basic Psychic Breathing Techniques  about 14 min.   

VIDEO CLASS #5:  Get a Clean Start-Psychic Cleansing Bath  about 14 min.  

VIDEO CLASS #6:  Eating Tips to Help You Awaken Psychically  about 12 min.

VIDEO CLASS #7:  What Your Inner Psychic Needs From You  about 15 min.

VIDEO CLASS #8Dressing for Psychic Success    about 10 min.

VIDEO CLASS #9:  Fasting to Strengthen & Awaken Your Inner Psychic   about 13 min.

VIDEO CLASS #10:  The Practice of Paying Attention   about 13 min.

VIDEO CLASS #11:  Overcoming Mental Obstacles  about 10 min.

VIDEO CLASS #12:   Visualization to Build Your Inner Senses   about 14 min.  

VIDEO CLASS #13:  Getting Focused & Un-Stuck on Your Path (Working in the Hologram)  about 18 min.  

VIDEO CLASS #14:  Intro to the Chakra System   14 min.  

VIDEO CLASS #15:  Intro to LOWER Chakra System & Root Chakra   21 min.   

VIDEO CLASS #16:  Sacral Chakra  about 13 min.  

VIDEO CLASS #17:  Solar Plexus Chakra  about 11 min. 

VIDEO CLASS #18:  The Heart Chakra  about 34 min.

VIDEO CLASS #19:  Intro to the Upper Chakra System  about 13 min.

VIDEO CLASS #20:  Throat Chakra  about 25 min.

VIDEO CLASS #21:  Brow (Third Eye) Chakra   about 22 min.

VIDEO CLASS #22:   The Crown Chakra  about 13 min.

Enjoy your comp video course series! 


    PLEASE NOTE:   The link for all twenty-two videos for this course are listed above.  If you find that you would like to go even deeper in your psychic training with Cynthia, private psychic mentorship sessions are available.  Also, if you would like the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion for this course (and have access to the self-study exams, writing and audio meditations that go along with it), then consider signing up for the official course--click here for more info.  

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