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BLOG: Mercury Retrograde Do's & Don'ts ....

MERCURY Retrogade.....DOs & DON'Ts
*Keeping Your Sanity During Mercury Retrograde*

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Dear Friends, this is just a quick little note to update you on a recent “change in the cosmos”, energetically speaking.  Mercury is now in one of its retrograde periods. 


This means that the standard “Mercury Retrograde Warningnow applies, which basically says DON’T sign any contracts, don’t start new projects, don’t make any major new commitments, and if at all possible, avoid traveling.  Also, don’t expect things to go smoothly in terms of communication, traveling, or technology.  Furthermore, don’t expect people to be “reasonable” or “rational” during this time, because when Mercury goes retrograde, we are all anything but “reasonable”.


These are all (or most) of the “don’ts” associated with Mercury retrograde.  They basically all boil down to not making any long-term commitments right now, or not starting any important projects.  To everything there is a season.  Mercury retrograde is NOT the season for getting started on a new project, making a long term commitment, relying on technology too much, or expecting easy travel.


I like to keep things on the positive, so here are some of the “DOs” I associated with Mercury Retrograde….

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Mercury Retrograde “Dos” 


*  Do repair, review, re-do, rehearse, and reconcile


*  Do slow down, breathe, meditate, give yourself extra time for relaxation


* Do complete long standing projects


*  Do get closure on emotional issues


*  Do slow down and give yourself extra time to get “there”…wherever there is


*  Do research any major purchases, and get as much information as you can.  However, do NOT buy until after Mercury Retrograde is over.  Otherwise, you will be sorry.

 *  Do read the “fine print” on any important document, especially if there is a contract or commitment involved. 

*  Do back-up any important data.  Keep multiple copies of anything that is important to you.  Technology gets “funky” during Mercury retrograde.  Data loss is common.


*  Do brainstorm, plan, visualize and harvest information in regards to future goals and dreams.  However, do NOT implement until after Mercury goes direct, for best results.


*  Do be flexible, especially when traveling.  Leave yourself extra “lead time”, as it is likely to take more time to get there.


*  Do rely more heavily on your intuition & “sixth sense”.  Cold, hard “facts” and the “intellect” are NOT so reliable during Mercury retrograde, since there is often hidden information that will surface once Mercury goes direct.


*  Do be careful in traffic. Pay extra attention when driving, walking, or bicycling. This will help you stay safe.


*  Do take your time in making any major decisions. In fact, if you can, postpone any major decisions until after Mercury goes back direct.  (In fact, if you can wait for a week or so after that, it would be even better.)


*  Do get a psychic or astrology reading, go to a psychic fair, consult a medium, or delve into other “non-rational” aspects of the world


*  Do take a personal retreat…spend some time just “being”, or getting back in contact with your inner self.


*   Do paint, draw, dance, read poetry, write stories, play music, and be in the “creative zone”.


*  Do be as objective and detached as possible about your relationships right now.  Relationships strains and miscommunications are common during Mercury Retrograde. 


*  Do go the “extra mile” to ensure that other people clearly understand what you are trying to say.  Ask clarifying questions to make sure you have gotten your point across.  Do NOT assume any understanding on another’s part during this time.


*  Do carry on as best as you can.  Accept that there will be delays, frustrations, re-dos, miscommunications, and melt-downs.  Deal with it.


*  If you find yourself in a situation where you absolutely must do one of the things on the “Don’t List” for Mercury Retrograde, refer to the suggestion immediately preceding this one (smile). 


*  DO take your FLOWER ESSENCES, especially KARMA CLEANSE & RELEASE formula (available on this site, click on Flairy Essences from Navigation Bar), and stock level flower essences associated with CLEANSING, such as POLK, PEPPERMINT, TOMATO, and CASTOR BEAN. 


You might want to take some ENERGIZING flower essences too during this time, such as the REJUVENATE & REFRESH ME formula, or lavender, rosemary, tiger lily or soemthing similar at stock level flower essence.



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