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Pre-Rx Storm begin:  March 1st 2019

Post-Rx Storm over:  April 6th 2019

March 5th to March 28th (2019) 

29 to 16 degress Pisces
(in backwards motion)

Pre-Rx Storm begins:  June 28

Post-Rx Storm ends:  Aug 8th

July 7th to July 31st

4 degrees Leo to 17 degrees Cancer
(in reverse order, re-enters Cancer on July 19th)

Pre-Rx Storm begins:  Oct 25th

Post-Rx Storm ends:  Nov 25th

Oct 31st to Nov 20th

 27 to 11 degrees Scorpio

Pre-Rx Storm begin:  Feb 13 2020

Post-Rx Storm over:  March 17 2020 


1st 2020 Mercury Rx = Feb 17th to March 10th 2020

12 Pisces to 28 degrees Aquarius  (in reverse order, re-enters Aquarius on March 4th 2020)


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“Mercury Retrograde” means that, from the Earth’s vantage point, Mercury appears to be moving backwards (it’s not actually moving backwards…it’s just appears that way because the orbit of the earth is temporarily moving faster than the orbit of Mercury).

In general, Mercury Retrograde periods are times of CONFUSION & BREAK-DOWN in communications, transportation, travel, business & technology…NOT a good time to forge ahead with new ventures or make commitments, at least, if you can avoid doing so.  On the other hand, Mercury Retrograde periods are excellent for reviewing, repairing, completing, and gaining closure.

For more info on Mercury Retrograde “Dos & Donts”, please CLICK HERE to read Cynthia’s “Mercury Retrograde Dos & Donts” newsletter from 2011 (the same basic guidance applies ANY TIME Mercury is retrograde in ANY year).

“Mercury Direct” refers to what happens once the retrograde is over.  In general, once Mercury goes direct, things begin to return to “normal” and flow more smoothly in terms of commerce, transportation, communication, technology, travel, and business.  However, this transition does NOT happen over night. 

Generally, it takes about three weeks once Mercury turns Direct for things to completely return back to normal.  That means that you can still expect some “roadbumps” in regards to communication for about three weeks afterwards.  It also might take about three weeks for problems that appeared during the Mercury retrograde period to resolve and smooth over.

 Still, cosmically speaking, once Mercury has turned Direct, the Universe has given the “green light” for forward movement.

CLICK HERE to read Cynthia’s thoughts on dealing with Mercury Retrograde & proceeding once it goes direct.

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In addition to all of the “Mundane” aspects mentioned above, there is also a lesser known spiritual & “esoteric” component of the Mercury Retrograde phenomenon.   

Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time to reflect and utilize systems of divination, prayer, and ceremony to commune with the Divine.  It is also a profitable period for development of the psychic faculties, higher communication with spirit guides and angels, channeling, entering mystical states, doing energy healing, and meditating.

               To learn more about how Mercury retrograde & the movements of the other planets are *personally* affecting you, you may wish to schedule a Psychic Astrology reading with Cynthia.  CLICK HERE to get more info about what this entails or how it might help you.

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