Spiritual Psychic Mediumship Readings

* To help you contact your loved ones on the
Other Side and Make Peace In Your Heart *
In addition to being a psychic, Rev. Dr. Cynthia is also a medium.  This means quite simply that the so-called "dead" talk to her.  This is a gift that she did not ask for but nonetheless has, due to having been touched by death at a young age (both through having near death experiences, as well as having lost both parents young).  In addition to being born with the natural ability to receive messages from the Other Side, Cynthia is also a certified medium and ordained minister through Sunset Spiritualist Church and camp, one of the oldest organizations of mediums in the United States.
Talking with the dead takes a tremendous amount of energy from any medium (including Cynthia) and therefore should never be undertaken lightly or viewed friviously.  When the dead come to speak, it is usually for a reason, and we need to turn up our ears and open our hearts and our minds and listen. 
 Just to be clear here, it is not only the "dead" whom Psychic Cynthia usually deals with in readings, for in many of the readings she does for clients, she also communes with spirit guides, guardian angels, fairies, ascended masters, and other kinds of wise and loving Spirit helpers.  Often, a passed on loved on or two will come through briefly with messages or greetings for a client when they are having one of the regular, standard Spiritual Psychic readings with Cynthia.  However, sometimes a client has unfinished business with someone who has passed on, or may have unresolved emotions around a loved one's death or dying.  In cases like these, a more in depth mediumship reading is needed, a reading that focuses exclusively on reaching the loved one on the other side.  That is what the Spiritual Psychic Mediumship reading is.  At this writing, the cost for this specialized mediumship session is $250.  (See below for more info about pricing & other logistical details).      
1) You have lost someone to death and you feel as if you didn't get to say goodbye or
as if you still have some things left you need to say to them or ask them
2) You feel unresolved emotions around this relationship
or this person's passing 
3)  Your primary reason for wanting to have a reading is to reach out to those on the Other Side



Please make sure you read ALL the info below on this page before registering for a Mediumship Reading, as being fully-informed will help improve your reading experience. 

When you are ready to reserve a Psychic Mediumship telephone/zoom reading with Rev. Dr. Cynthia, please CLICK HERE.

(To inquire about the possiblity of a special in-person session, you can e-mail Cynthia direclty at cynthia@cynthiakillion.comAlso, check out the in-person session info page if you would like.)

What one client had to say about her Mediumship Reading with Rev. Dr. Cynthia....

"I just wanted to thank you, Cynthia. Since my reading with you I have let go of so much. I have healed more from my 1.5 hours with you than I did in almost 20 years of off and on therapy. Priceless. Absolutely priceless. 
I would also say to you that it has brought life back to my relationships. With my spouse, my daughter, even the ability to trust strangers more. It also has confirmed so much about our universe that I believed to be true and have believed my whole life. I just needed the confirmation. Everyday I think back to our session and the powerful messages. Everyday I am in aww of having angel guides. There's more meaning now, more purpose in life for me. I thank you!"   Amy, Wichita, KS USA



 There are a few more things you should know before registering for a Spiritual Psychic Mediumship Reading....

#1)  There is no 100% guarantee that the exact spirit whom you are hoping to contact will come through in your reading.  Someone will ALWAYS come through (as most of us do have spirits and spirit guardians around us at all time).  However, it may not always be the person whom you hoped, for we cannot "force" the dead to speak.  That being said, to this date, Rev. Dr. Cynthia has ALWAYS been able to bring through at least some messages for her mediumship clients from the person whom they are most hoping to hear from and needing to make peace with.  But sometimes OTHER passed on loved ones want to come through as well in the reading, and so there may be messages from them as well.  Also, Cynthia does find that in most cases if you are hoping to hear from someone on the Other Side, then it is likely that they are eager to speak with you as well. 

#2)  You must remember that the "dead" have a very different point of view than those of us still living in the physical world.  Therefore, you need to approach this kind of reading with an open mind and open heart.  It helps if you do not have rigid expectations regarding what you want your loved one to say to you.  You may want your loved one in spirit to talk about one thing. However, he or she is still a conscious, living entity (albeit, without a physical body) and will also have his/her own ideas about what she wishes to speak with you about.  It works best if you can relax and just be open to hearing what your loved one has to say, rather than thinking that they "should" want to talk more about this or that or say this or that.  

#3) You may ask the spirits questions in your reading, but it is up to them how they answer, and whether they answer or not.  (This is related to what was stated above in #2.)  Keep in mind that the spirits of the deceased do not know everything, nor do humans instantly become "enlightened" upon death.  True, many people do experience great awakening and transformation when they die, but that does not necessarily mean that they are now instantly wise sages or qualified to advise you on every area of life.  The opinions of the spirits and your passed on loved ones are just that....opinions.  You do not have to agree with what they are saying in a reading, but you do need to be open.  Remember that regardless of what your passed on loved one has to say about something, it is up to YOU to make your own decisions and own way in life.  

          Even in death, sometimes spirits do not wish to talk about certain subjects or answer certain questions.  (For example, many spirits do not like to dwell long upon their actual physical deaths, as it is of no concern to them now in the place where they are at...at least, if they are spirits who are at peace).  They will let you know if they don't want to talk about a certain thing.  Sometimes they can be prodded to say more, but just like people in the physical world, they will only say as much as they wish to say.  Also, when they DO answer questions, then can sometimes be incredibly truthful and to the point. Therefore, you should always make sure that you only ask the questions that you truly wish to know the answer to when communing with a passed-on loved one in a mediumship reading.

 #4) They (spirits of your passed on loved ones) may talk about themselves a little bit or offering identifying details.  However, usually they are not there to talk about themselves but instead have come to bring a message to you about your life or what you need to heal and move on.  It is Cynthia's belief that everyone whom contacts her for a mediumship reading is actually brought to the reading by the spirit itself because that spirit has something it wants to say to you.  In other words, you may think that YOU are the one who had the idea for the reading, but in reality it is your passed on loved one reaching out to you with something they need to say. 

         Keep in mind that just as it takes the medium tremendous amounts of energy to make contact with the dead, it also takes the spirits on the Other Side TREMENDOUS amount of energy to reach through from the other side, cross the veil to our world, and make communication.  Therefore, there is usually a point to it all.  This is not something to be undertaken lightly or just for your entertainment or amusement.  Both the medium doing the reading and the spirit coming through must pay a great cost (in terms of energy).  For this reason, you will likely find that your loved one has some signficant message for you in your reading that he or she wants to focus on. It may not be what you were expecting (or even hoping) to hear, but it will definitely be what he or she thinks you most need to know at this time for your OWN life here on planet earth.

#5)  A mediumship reading is not a substitute for counseling or grief therapy.  These are usually one time sessions, meaning that you & Cynthia are usually able to accomplish whatever needs to (and can be) done in one session.  This doesn't necessarily mean that you can't have future readings with Cynthia (as in the regular, Spiritual Psychic readings to deal with other areas of life, such as relationships, career, or spiritual growth) or that your loved one may not make an appearance later in a reading.  However, it is usually not necessary to do more than one in-depth mediumship reading to contact a specific person, and it is certainly not necessary to do that more than once or twice a year.  If you start to feel that you need to have mediumship readings to talk with a specific loved one more often than that, then you are probably in need of counseling, and not just a reading.  (Also, Cynthia does recommend some form of counseling or healing work for ALL who are grieving any kind of loss.) 

          Also, we do want to mention here that an in-depth mediumship reading should not be done too soon after a loved one's passing. This is to protect the energy of the spirit on the other side, whom needs to get acquainted with being in a non-physical form first before being called back here through a medium to communicate with the living.  It also helps give you adequate time to work through your grief just a little bit, so that when you do have your mediumship reading, you will be more open and ready to receive the messages that come through. 

         Generally, Rev. Dr. Cynthia recommends waiting at least 3-6 months after a loved ones passing before having an in-depth mediumship reading done. This is a *guideline* and not a hard-fast rule. Nonetheless, it holds true in most situations that if you wait a little while after your loved one has passed to have your mediumship reading and give them time to settle in & figure out how to be in the spirit world before contacting them through a reading, you will have a better reading. 

            Hopefully, this gives you more of an idea of what you are getting into with a mediumship reading, and what to expect.  Please continue reading for more info about logistical details (including pricing, scheduling, etc).  Or if you are ready to request a Spiritual Psychic Mediumship reading, use the links below.    

To apply for a Spiritual Psychic Mediumship telephone or Zoom reading (the standard reading and the way Cynthia usually prefers to work), please CLICK HERE.

(Please make sure you read ALL the info below on this page before registering for a reading, as being fully-informed will help improve your reading experience.) 

MORE BASIC LOGISTICAL INFO....about Spiritual Psychic Mediumshp Readings with Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion


* Reading options.... Unless other arrangements are made, your reading will probably be done via telephone.  Cynthia prefers to work this way as the vibration of your voice is what really helps her connect with your psychic vibrations.  Also, she finds that it is easier to focus in on your reading when she is doing it by telephone (versus in-person) and does not have to be visually distracted by things such as what you are wearing or how you present yourself.  If you prefer prefer electronic communication, a scheduled private Facebook chat reading option is also available.   
            Occasionally, Rev. Dr. Cynthia does offer special, private in-person sessions in her home in Wichita, Kansas.  These are done selectively and on a case by case, pre-approval basis.  Also, an additional fee does apply for in-person sessions (as they take significantly longer than the phone or chat readings).  If you are interested in an in-person reading, please read the rest of the info on this page first, and then CLICK HERE for more info about requesting in-person sessions.
Cost:  The cost/energy exchange for your Spiritual Psychic Mediumship reading will be $250.  This fee is due in advance of the reading.  That is for the regular telephone reading.  Includes recording of reading (for phone reading).  In-person readings cost slightly more (see link above for more info).
Session Length....for standard mediumship phone readings, first time session is about an hour & fifteen minutes.  Follow-up sessions about 55-60 minutes.  (If session runs over, overtime will be charged in increments of $50 for each extra fifteen minutes, minimum fee of $50 for any amount of overtime, even it if is under 15 minutes.) 
Scheduling....Cynthia will usually see you within one-two weeks of scheduling, sometimes sooner, sometimes later.  (Emergency or last minute appointments are NOT available, as Cynthia has too many other obligations to take these.) She usually does readings Tuesday through Saturdays, and occasionally on Mondays (but never on Sundays).  Most readings are done in the daytime.  However, she does usually have at least a few evening appointments available each month, and will do her best to fit you in if the evening is the only time you can call in for your reading.  (You can easily check her schedule of available openings on this site at anytime by clicking on READING SCHEDULE on the nagivation bar.)
*Info required to do reading....Not much.  Just fill out the quick "reading registration" form when you are ready to pay & schedule.  Provide your basic contact info (so Cynthia or her assistant can get ahold of you to schedule), and maybe a few sentences about what you are expecting or hoping to receive out of the reading....nothing more, as Cynthia does NOT need a lot of prepatory info to do your reading.  In fact, in most cases, the less "backstory" she knows about your life, the better.


To reserve your Spiritual Psychic Mediumship Phone or Zoom reading with Rev. Dr. Cynthia, please CLICK HERE.  


       Note:  These mediumship readings are specifically for making contact with those on the Other Side.  They are focused on helping you to heal spiritually and emotionally and resolve whatever unfinished business you have around your relationship with the deceased or their passing. 
          These readings take a LOT of energy out of the medium who is doing them (in this case, Rev. Dr. Cynthia) and therefore should not be undertaken lightly. A Spiritual Psychic Mediumship reading is for healing and finding peace, and NOT for entertainment or amusement.  Please only apply for one of these reading sessions if you are ready to take it seriously and open to the possibility that this could be a very deep, profound, and moving experience for you.
          Also note that if you are just hoping to have a quick message or two from someone on the other side and are really getting a reading to deal with other aspects of life (relationship, finances, career, family, spiritual gifts, etc), then you should probably apply for/request a regular, Spiritual Psychic reading instead.  On the other hand, if you know that your main focus right now is achieving peace and healing regarding someone on the Other Side (or your relationship with him/her), then the Spiritual Psychic Mediumship reading is just perfect for you.

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