Path-Finder Rune Reading with Psychic Cynthia

with Rev. Dr Cynthia Killion, 
Rune Seer & Rune Initiate


A Path-Finder Rune Reading

with Psychic Cynthia....

Can assist you with finding your way on your path of life

AND help you navigate the Web of Personal Wyrd & Orlog  

For your convenience, Path-Finder Rune Readings

with Psychic Cynthia are conducted via telephone. 

(After you have purchased the reading, Psychic Cynthia will connect up with you via e-mail or FB message to schedule your reading & get your number for calling at the time of the reading.) 

The standard reading is 60-75 minutes long. (Half sessions of 30-40 min are also available .)  

Readings are recorded and available for downloading later, OR you can have a hardcopy reading CD mailed out to you for you (United States only)  

Standard 60-75 minute Runic Reading & Consultation $225

(30-45 minute half-session also available for $140)  

To purchase either, click on the BUY NOW button below. 


Choose Reading Length....

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A Path-Finder Rune Reading EXAMINES: 

 Where are you AT in the Web of Life?  

Where are you HEADED?  

What is calling out for you to FOCUS on? 

How can you move through personal BLOCKS so that you can PROGRESS? 

What is blocking your Wyrd/Orlog/Destiny?  

What do you need to turn AWAY from so that you can move forward?

What do you need to FACE & EMBRACE so that you can THRIVE on your path?

All of these questions--and more--can be answered through a Path-Finder Rune Reading  

Guidance received can be applied to self, relationships, career or vocation, health, spiritual calling--

and just about ANY other area of life that is

of relevancy & concern to YOU.

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      Still have questions?  You can easily reach Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia (Killion) via Facebook message or e-mail at


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