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Spiritual Psychic Mentorship Session

Spiritual Psychic Mentorship Reading Session
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        This is Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia's premium psychic counseling & mentorship reading, specifically designed for those who would like to receive a reading AND work on their own personal psychic & spiritual growth in their session as well.

     A "Spiritual Psychic Mentorship Reading" session is Psychic Cynthia's most in-depth, non-astrological based service that combines her channeled psychic readings and/or oracle tool reading with one-on-one instruction in any area of psychic mentorship or spiritual growth of your choice.  It is usually the session of choice for those who are working on developing their own psychic gifts, or for those who wish to focus more deeply on a particular aspect of their spiritual growth.  (Such as healing, improving relationships, transforming karma, or activating spiritual gifts) 
    A Psychic Mentorship reading is usually conducted via telephone, as this is Psychic Cynthia's favorite way to work, since it allows her to focus more easily on the psychic vibes coming through the energy of your voice & your inner spirit (rather than being distracted by all the details of having to "entertain" someone in her home or get dressed up for a video conference). However, readings via Zoom video-conferencing are also available for no additional charge.  Also, for those who feel that in-person session is more important to them, special in-person sessions are occasionally available for an extra fee (please see enrollment/registration page for more info....use link above to get there.)   
    A regular Psychic Mentorship reading session lasts 75-90 minutes. (For those who require it, an extended 2 hour session is available for an additional charge).  The fee for a 75-90 minute Spiritual Psychic Mentorship reading is $300.   Psychic Cynthia will record the session for you and provide you with a CD of your psychic mentorship reading, so that you can listen to it over & over again.  You are also encouraged to take notes during the session.
       If you're open to actively engaging with Psychic Cynthia and the spirit guides, and you're not afraid to do "the work" (meaning, your own inner work), and you believe that you are open to taking ACTION to promote your own growth, then this is the kind of reading session that Cynthia would recommend for you.   This session is not just a reading, but is also mentorship and apprenticeship, for those who are truly on the path of psychic mastery and awakening.  

           Although each Spiritual Psychic Mentorship reading session is different (depending on your current interests & needs), the sessions usually follow along the lines of this structure: 

Structure of Psychic Mentorship Reading
          PART 1 OPENING MEDITATION:  When you come on the telephone line together, Psychic Cynthia will greet you, and then you will begin immediately with a time of opening meditation & relaxation.  This is necessary to set the correct spiritual "tone" for the reading.  (Please be advised that sometimes clients want to come on & begin immediately talking about problems or issues.  Psychic Cynthia does not allow you to start your mentorship session this way, as this would start you off in your reading-mentorship session being focused on *problems*, instead of focusing on SOLUTIONS and connecting to the spirit realm.)
          The opening period of meditation can last anywhere from just 5 minutes up to 20 minutes, depending on your needs, and how much breathing & relaxation is needed to help you bring your consciousness fully into the mentorship space (typically, the opening meditations are no more than 5-7 minutes, but it really just depends on what is going on with your energy on that day, and how much relaxation is needed). 
         PART 2 GUIDING READING:  Once the initial period of relaxation is completed, Psychic Cynthia will then open the space for your mentorship by doing some kind of very short reading for you about what you are needing to accomplish in this session today, as well as what you are needing to focus on in regards to life in general right now.  This reading may be done in a number of different ways.  Psychic Cynthia may choose to channel your guides for about 10-15 minutes to get insight into what is really going on.  Or she may work with her "Spirit Cards" oracle deck, the Runes, the I-ching, or another kind of oracle for you on your behalf.  Regardless of whether the reading portion of your session is done via channeling or with some kind of tool, this is an extremely important part of the session, as it will help reveal to you what it is you are truly needing to focus on at this time, and how to best proceed (energetically speaking) with any current projects or areas of growth that you are already focusing on. 
           PART 3  POST-READING CHECK-IN, FEEDBACK, & INSPIRATION:  Once this first, opening reading has been accomplished, Psychic Cynthia will check-in with you to see how the reading is resonating with you, and what it is bringing up within you in terms of ideas & inspiration.  She will also ask you if you have any questions about the information that has just been given. If you do in fact have questions about the reading, then she will add further interpretation, and even do a little bit more reading for you if necessary or desired.  The amount time spent in this check-in part of the session is completely up to you.  If you want to spend more time offering feedback, asking questions, or getting more reading info here, you can can.  Or if you feel that the reading part is very clear to you, and you only wish to discuss that part for a short amount of time, then that is fine too.  It is entirely up to you.
          PART 4 MENTORSHIP & COUNSELING:  (Just so you know, parts 3 & 4 sometimes overlap a bit).   After this post-reading "check-in" part of your session is completed, we will then proceed into some spiritual counseling & mentorship for you.  Psychic Cynthia will ask you what is on your mind that you would like to do some work on today or gain further clarification about from the spirit realm.  Just so you know, this spiritual counseling/mentorship part of your session can often seem like it is overlapping with the post-reading check-in part, as often in a mentorship session with Cynthia, you will move naturally from your discussion about your thoughts on the reading that was given to what you want to work on & address in your session.  (After all, the reading often spells it out before you say it out-loud, and sometimes even before you yourself knows what it is!).  However, this is listed as a separate portion of your session here, because it is very distinct in its own way, and often (though not always) tends to occupy the majority of your time with Cynthia together in the session. 
    During the counseling & mentorship portion of the session, you get to ask for help or insights with whatever areas of life that you want. 
    It usually works best if you stick to just one or two areas in a single session, so that you can focus and achieve clarity.  By focusing on what has truly brought you to the session, you will be most likely to make progress. 

   Psychic Cynthia will do her best to lead you into your own awakenings & insights in these areas, and also to provide you with some specific action steps you can take to help improve or progress in these areas. 
   You are especially encouraged to take notes during this part of the session (and during all of the session, really) as it is here that you will receive specific strategies, homework, and ideas for implementation (if you have not yet already done so).  Also, if at any point in time during the mentorship process you feel that you need further guidance from the spirit world, Psychic Cynthia will be happy to either lead you in connecting with your own guides/inner guidance, and/or check-in with her own inner guidance for you.
     Once this part of the session is complete (right around the hour & fifteen minute mark, usually), Psychic Cynthia will ask you to join her in a moment of closing meditation & silent prayer, and then your mentorship session will be complete for the day. However, your spiritual growth will continue for many days after this mentorship reading, as you continue to implement & apply the strategies & ideas that were given to you in your session. 
      Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what to expect in your Psychic Mentorship session!

          Disclaimers & Small Print: Please note that the purpose of a Spiritual Psychic Mentorship reading session is to provide spiritual guidance in regards to whatever areas of life are discussed. Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia Killion is a minister and doctor of Divinity (with speciality in metaphysical counseling).  She is not a medical doctor, nurse, dietician, certified financial advisor, attorney, real estate agent, or psychologist.  Although she can help provide you with spiritual guidance concerning any area of life, when dealing with concerns outside the spiritual realm, it is also a good idea for you to consult an appropriate professional in that realm.
 Rev. Dr. Killion makes no express claims or warranties concerning what will happen as a result of Spiritual Psychic Mentorship reading.  This kind of reading can definitely help you to sky-rocket to the next level of growth no matter what your focus is.  However, progress is dependent upon many factors, including most important of all, your own willingness to follow through, make changes, take action, and do the work.  Rev. Dr.  Psychic Cynthia cannot guarantee any specific kind of progress or results for you, although many people do experience tremendous tangible results due to the guidance & mentorship they receive through Cynthia in this kind of session.
                With any spiritual reading, you are responsible for using the information received in your readings in the best way you see fit.  Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion (or her heirs or estate) is not liable for any actions you decide to take as a result of information you receive in a session.  Use your common sense & inner wisdom, and apply guidance in the best way that you see fit.  A Spiritual Psychic Mentorship reading is a form of psychic & spiritual counseling. It is not psychological counseling, nor is it an appropriate substitute for psychological counseling.  If you need psychological counseling, please get it.  Also understand that a Spiritual Psychic Mentorship reading session is not "talk-therapy".  Again, if you need talk-therapy, please seek out the help of an appropriate therapist to provide it for you.   
          Scheduling Your Session:  Once  Psychic Cynthia & her team have received your payment & registration, along with your session "info & application Form", she or a member of her team will contact you via e-mail within 1-2 busines days to schedule your session (that's business days...if you apply on a holiday or weekend, add another day or so).  Just so you know, it will probably be at least a week after you reserve your session before Psychic Cynthia is actually able to meet with you, sometimes up to 2 weeks (not usually more than that, and often closer to 1 week.)  Psychic Cynthia and her team will do their best to get you scheduled for your appointment as soon as possible. Regardless of what the current appointment availability is, Rev. Dr. Psychic Cynthia does need at least a few days notice ahead of time in order to energetically prepare to do your psychic mentorship reading session.
          Refund policy:   If for some reason Psychic Cynthia is not able to do a Spiritual Psychic Mentorship reading for you (for example, if it seems to her that you would be better served by seeing an attorney or therapist instead, or if she feels strongly that another kind of reading would be better for you), then we will let you know ASAP via e-mail & immediately refund your reading payment.  This is the only time refunds are ever issued.  Otherwise, there is a no-refund policy.  Therefore, you should consider carefully before registering for a reading, and ask any questions you have in ADVANCE of registering.  Once you register for a reading, all payments are non-refundable & non-transferable.  Please do not register for a reading until you are sure this is what you want to do, and are committed to following through!

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