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Here you'll find many helpful articles written by Cynthia to inspire & guide you on the spiritual path, categorized both by topic & by title.
For many more writings, please go to Cynthia's "Psychic Blog"

FEATURED ARTICLE #2:  Easing Seasonal Shift


Featured Article #4:  Consecrating Salt for Spiritual, Psychic, & Energetic Uses

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Articles by Topic:

Cleansing, Herbal & Energy Related:

* Psychic, Energy & Psychic Development
The 2 Kinds of Energy Experiencers  (scroll about 1/2 way down page for article)
Herbs & Flowers for Protecting, Calming & Stabilizing Energy (once there, scroll down on the page to get to article)

"Encountering the Voice of God"   (part 2 of Price of Ignoring Intuition, or read-separately)

Astrology I:  Mercury Retrogade, etc.
                      *  What to expect when Mercury goes RETROGRADE
                      *  What to expect when Mercury goes DIRECT
                      *  Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2014
                      *Retrogrades & Their Effects (General Info on ALL kinds of retrogrades)
                      *Mars Retrograde:  Patience is the Key!  (Next Mars Retrograde: in 2016)

Astrology & Your Cosmic Connection
                       *How Eclipses Affect You Personally
                      *   No, Nasa did NOT Change Your Zodiac Sign! 


Transformation & Cosmic Shift (often related to Astrology)
                      *Spring Cleaning AKA Cosmic-Purging.....
                         It takes as long as it takes
                      *  Full Moon Help....Dealing with Any & All Cosmic Shifts


Personal, Get-to-Know-Cynthia
                  *Why I Got Ordained as a Spiritualist Minister
                   *See a few photos of Cynthia's Ordination


Spiritual & Spirits (miscellaneous)

* Fairy Magic Vision Quest 

Spirituality, life before or beyond death
                  *It is a GIFT to be here!

Emotional Healing & Inspiration

           *A Bouquet in the Arms of God (dealing with grief)

"Messages from Atlantis" & the Atlantean Teachers
                      *Who are the Atlantean Teachers?
                      *Sacred Desire...or Knowing that You are Already Whole

What You Want...or Your Power to Decide

Channeling...or One Message, Many Channels

                    "8 Steps to Creating Holistic Prosperity" (recently updated to include new info)

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