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(Or are you riding the flow and becoming more reflective?)

           As a psychic with a background in the nature-based religions, I have long been tuned-into the dynamic energy shifts that happen at this time of the year. In particular, the time that we are now in (the end of summer shifting and blending into the beginning of fall) is a very powerful time indeed. This is a time of both death and re-birth, for just as the fun & playful energies of summer are dying, the more intense and focused energies of fall are being born. In the Northern hemisphere, we are literally in a time between seasons, with summer on the decline, but it not being fully fall yet. This is truly the time of both the beginning and the end.

        With this seasonal shift occurring, you may have noticed a shift within yourself too. It is not unusual at all to feel a bit more moody, introspective, emotionally tender or sensitive as summer is shifting to fall. In fact, you might have even noticed a flair-up of feelings of depression, hopelessness, or discouragement in the last few weeks. 

           If you have noticed an increase in these kind of melancholy feelings lately, or if you’ve just been feeling a little bit more “down” or introspective than usual, know that this is perfectly normal this time of year. After all, like all beings on planet earth, we humans are creatures of nature. This means that we too experience changes and shifts within ourselves as the light lessens and the length of the days shorten.
          Children and animals in particular are very sensitive to these kinds of shifts. However, they are not the only ones, and many of us adults who have chosen to stay open (psychically & intuitively speaking) also feel the change of seasons on a deep level within ourselves.
           It’s true that many of us who are psychically sensitive or spiritually aware do often have moments of feeling “down” or experience at least some degree of melancholy as summer is dying and shifting into fall. After all, they do not call it the season of "fall" for no reason, and many of us do experience a temporary falling of the emotions as summer ends and fades into autumn. However, as we learn to lean into our feelings & emotions (instead of resisting them), we can increase our ability to more gracefully shift with this change in energies.

         Any temporary melancholy or discouragement that we experience at this time need not have a grip on us. Nor do we have to be kept down by the increased emotional and psychic sensitivity that comes with this change of seasons…that is, if we are willing to lean into our emotions and sensitivities, listen to what our heart is telling us, and learn to recognize the difference between our insecurities and our intuitions.

        As the seasons continue to change between now & the Autumn Equinox (September 22nd in 2014), it’s true that most of us who are more spiritually & psychically sensitive will continue to experience strong emotional and psychic sensitivities.   Just as is happening with the weather, we may sometimes feel like we are swinging back and forth from one extreme to the other, hot and cold, passion and apathy, hope and despair, and so on.

          Occasional emotional outbursts are quite likely right now. You may find yourself or your loved ones sometimes snapping over the smallest things. (Partly this is due to lethargy and increased tiredness, so getting more sleep can help with this). Or you may find that you become sad and teary eyed over the smallest things as well. On the other end of the spectrum, you may also find yourself reflecting on THE PAST a lot these days and sometimes getting sentimental or feeling intensely emotional about things that are already over and done.

         All of these reactions are understandable given the intense seasonal shift that is occurring right now and the increased emotional & psychic sensitivity that usually accompanies this shift. At times this increased sensitivity may feel like a curse. Indeed, there is a kind of discontent, restlessness or uneasiness that often accompanies this fall-time transition.

           And yet, if you are willing to do the inner work, you can actually use this increased psychic-emotional sensitivity as fuel for great spiritual transformation and break-through. Then you may still feel some feelings of melancholy, but they will only be temporary, and will not have the same grip upon you. Instead these increased sensitivities can shift into feelings of excitement and hopefulness for the months ahead.



      Rest MUCH more often, taking naps whenever you can, or at least laying or sitting down and just *relaxing* for a few minutes each day. Your body needs the extra rest, as the shift in energies is taxing upon it. Being outside in nature helps too, especially in peaceful or relaxing places. Breathe in the fresh air, and let it replenish you. Get plenty of sunshine, as your body will need it carry you through the winter. It can also be helpful to walk or lie down on the grass outside, letting the earth’s natural energy heal & replenish you.

        If you can, do a spiritual fast or cleanse for a day or two. This can be a complete fast where you only drink water (or even juice or tea). Or it can be a different kind of fast where you simply eat much lighter or much less than you usually do. In terms of it being a spiritual fast, the important thing is that you spend less time concentrating on food, and more time concentrating on your connection to Spirit Divine.

         It also helps to spiritualize your seasonal fast or cleanse if you will choose a spiritual quality or goal to focus on. For example, I am fasting on this day that I am writing this for you, and have chosen to focus on being more loving & understanding towards those who would normally annoy me, rather than allowing myself to indulge in judgmentalism. True spiritual fasting is not just abstaining from food or eating cleansing foods. It is also abstaining from spiritual imbalance or emotional indulgence…it is a cleansing of the spirit and the heart.

A few more quick tips:

        Don’t try to take on too much at once right now. Focus and concentrate. Yes, this is a time when the momentum is beginning to pick up and so naturally you are making efforts to get back with the program on your major projects or goals. However, you are still going through a kind of INNER DISINTEGRATION. Give yourself time and space to mourn the old, to release the past, and to gradually adjust to the new.

          Gentle movement helps to stabilize your emotions and increase physical energy now. (When the energy builds up within you, it desires to move.) Try taking walks outside or doing yoga, tai-chi or your own kind of stretching or slow moving dance. Cleaning house can also be a therapeutic and useful way to release excess energy and balance your emotions. If you feel that you have become sluggish or bogged down, you may also want to consider increasing your cardio movement during this time by running or taking an aerobics or Zumba class.  Taking extra showers and relaxing baths can also help sooth your emotions & regulate your energies too.

            Drink water, PLENTY of water. Also, if you are inclined to do so, drink some relaxing or cleansing herbal teas. The herbs will help balance and strengthen your energy system so that you do not become so easily overwhelmed by all the changes happening right now. Using essential oils externally can also be very healing & balancing for the soul. There are also many flower remedies that can help balance your emotional & etheric bodies. (See Elizabeth Patric’s wonderful website for more info about flower remedies & sprays and how to order them at


          To help yourself get through this time of transition and shift more gracefully, I also recommend that you do some inner work of the soul. This will help you to understand the deeper issues that are going on with you. You might start by looking at where it is that you currently are feeling the most impatient, touchy, easily annoyed, insecure or emotional right now. In other words, where are you most easily & consistently getting triggered these days? This will give you clues about where you may still have more healing to do, or are simply needing to be more tender and accepting towards yourself (or others).

          If you’re feeling frustrated, insecure or easily annoyed around a certain area of life during this season shift, then this may also be a signal from your inner self that it is time to grow and expand in that area of life. Growing and expanding often means becoming more flexible and trying new things, instead of merely clinging to the old ways of doing things. This often includes letting go of habits or behaviors which are no longer effective in a beneficial way.

         When you are examining the areas of life where you are getting most easily & frequently triggered right now, I encourage you to look at the meaning of these areas on both a literal AND a symbolic level, for often it is the symbolic level that has the deeper meaning for you.

          For example, let’s say that you find yourself getting very annoyed lately about doing household chores or the overall state of cleanliness (or lack of) in your household. On the literal level, this could be a sign to you that you are needing to show your self some more love & compassion by hiring a cleaning service, recruiting other family members to help more, or simply coming up with a more efficient way of getting the household clean. However, on a symbolic level, the home can represent many other things, including your true inner self, your feelings about your family of birth, your children, your sense of security, safety or belonging, grounding (or lack thereof) and self-nurturing.

          Whenever you experience annoyance or emotional sensitivity around issues relating to the home (including housework), it is likely that there is also a need within you for deeper healing or acceptance around one or more of the other above-mentioned issues. At the very least, when there is something that consciously triggers you regarding your home or household issues, then it is also likely that there is some deeper truth within you around one of these other above-mentioned areas of life that is also calling out for your recognition. Most of the time, these deeper truths or feelings only wish to be seen and known. Other times they may require you making some adjustment within your inner self or even changing your habits and actions.

           You can look at ANY area of life in this similar fashion, searching inside for what it means on the deeper, symbolic level. Don’t just look at the obvious….If you do indeed find yourself feeling particularly touchy or emotionally around a certain area of life right now, lean into your feelings of tenderness and vulnerability, and see what they are trying to teach you about your inner self.

         It is likely that if you do so, any feelings of melancholy you have will transform into UNDERSTANDING. Indeed, you can use any increased tenderness or sensitivity you are experiencing right now to SPUR YOU ON into taking better care of yourself, tending more thoroughly to your spiritual practice, and being more truthful & honest with the people in your life (including yourself). If you are willing to lean into your feelings and see where they lead you and what they are trying to tell you, you may even find that a new inspired plan for your entire life reveals itself to you now.

          Happy shifting, happy dis-integrating and transforming, and happy leaning into your feelings and riding the flow!

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