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* Psychic Cynthia's signature astrological reading is the
If you have never had an astrological reading with Psychic Cynthia before, this is probably the kind of astro reading that you should start with.
CLICK HERE for more info about this kind of reading (Life Program Reading). 
To learn more about Psychic Cynthia's other SPECIALITY astrology readings, please keep reading below.

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           Note:  All reading fees mentioned below are for telephone, Zoom, or private Facebook chat readings. Additional fees apply when requesting special in-person session.  (To inquire about special in-person sessions, e-mail Psychic Cynthia at



In addition to her signature "GUIDING STAR LIFE PROGRAM" reading, Psychic Cynthia also offers the following speciality psychic astrology readings:  The Life-Calling Career Reading,  the Destiny Relocation Reading, the Heart Map Soul Mate Reading, and the Follow-up Psychic Astrology Forecast Reading.

       For more info about any of these readings, please keep scrolling down to read the descriptions below.


The cost for any of these speciality psychic astrology readings listed below is $275 for a 1 hour session or $325 for the premium 90 minute session.  (The premium session includes astrological forecasting & transits, in addition to the reading on that specific area of your chart.)  Once you have decided which speciality reading you would like to purchase (and how long of a session), you can use the Buy Now button below to get signed-up. 

Reading Length
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       All fees paid for psychic astrology readings are non-refundable and non-transferable.  The reason for this is simple:  There is a LOT of ADVANCE preparation and work that goes into doing a speciality psychic astrology reading for you.  In fact, once Psychic Cynthia receives your reading payment & birth info, she sets to work almost immediately on getting your charts prepared & your reading set-up for you. Therefore, please consider carefully before purchasing a psychic astrology reading, and do ask any questions you may have about the session BEFORE you purchase your reading.  If you do have questions about what it entailed in any of these readings, you can e-mail with questions directly through this site on the Contact Cynthia page.  Or you can send questions to 

    Regarding scheduling your astrology reading, it usually takes Psychic Cynthia at least one week to prepare the charts & notes necessary for your speciality psychic astrology reading.  In most cases, once you have purchased your psychic astrology reading, you will be offered an appointment time date within the next 1-2 weeks.  (Although you are always welcome to schedule further in advance than this if you would like.)  Once your reading time & date is set, you can change the date of your reading if you need to.  However, Psychic Cynthia does ask that you give her at least 24 hours notice if at all possible.  (Usually you can just re-schedule with her via e-mail or FB messenger.)   Psychic Cynthia understands that sometime things come up after you have scheduled your reading, and she is perfectly happy to work with you if you need to re-schedule--she just asks that you give her a reasonable amound of advance notice.  

     Please note that if you do not answer your phone at the time of your scheduled reading (or show up on FB chat if you have chosen that reading format), AND you haven't notified Psychic Cynthia in advance that you need to re-schedule, then your reading fee will be forfeit, and no re-scheduling will be done.  In other words, if you just don't show up for your reading AND you didn't let Psychic Cynthia know ahead of time, then your reading fee goes to compensate her for the time she spent waiting for you to call in.   Probably this won't apply to you, as most of Psychic Cynthia's clients are very respectful & courteous people who do keep their appointments and do let her know in advance when they need to re-schedule.  However, we did want to mention it here, in case you were wondering about the re-scheduling policy.   

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--The "Life-Calling Career" reading is for clients who want help clarifying their special talents and skills in this lifetime.  Similar to a life program reading, only it focuses in on your career, mission, and life purpose and the challenges & strengths for your soul around that area of life.  A very good reading for the client who is looking to align career and work with higher purpose.


      --The Destiny Relocation reading is for clients who are in the process of choosing a new place to live (or do business) and want to know more about how the energies of a certain location would work for them, OR which locations might work best for a certain desired outcome.  If a client has a specific location already in mind (or even 2 or 3) we can look at these specific locations and compare them in the reading in terms of which location might be most beneficial.  Or if a client does not already have a location in mind, Psychic Cynthia will look at the birth chart and make suggestions for 1-3 possible relocation areas, based on what it is the client is hoping to accomplish.        




--The "Heart Map" Soul Mate reading is for clients who are wanting help understanding RELATIONSHIPS & a specific relationship in particular. The "Heart Map" reading does not include the over-all life program reading, but IS instead focused on your relationship & relating style, and perhaps your dealings with one relationship in particular.  This one is just PERFECT for people wanting relationship guidance.  (By the way, this reading could be over ANY kind of relationship--romantic, family, business partner, or otherwise, as soul mates come in many forms.)


   MORE INFO:  The "Heart-Map Soul Mate" reading is an in-depth astrological reading concerning your current relationship and what it is here to teach you and what you & your partner (or child, family member, friend, or business partner) can contribute to each other's overall spiritual growth.  This reading is based on Psychic Cynthia's unique understanding of soul mates & soul mate connections according to elemental types and harmonies.  This kind of reading can really help you UNDERSTAND your partner & your relationship better, shedding light on why you came to be together in this lifetime and what each of you is here to give to and teach the other.  If you are NOT currently in a romantic relationship, or don't have a specific relationship that you want to explore at the time of your reading, than Psychic Cynthia will help you to explore & learn more about YOUR own personal relationship tendencies & patterns through your chart.   

PLEASE NOTE:  The BASIC 1 HOUR Heart Map reading ($275) will give you all the wonderful info you need to understand your relationship (and your relationship style) in more depth.  If you are also wanting to have astrological predictions & transits as part of your reading, then we recommend the PREMIUM 1 1/2 hour (90 min.) Heart Map reading, as that will give us plenty of time to cover the info about your relationship, AS WELL as the predictions for the next 3-6 months.

PLEASE NOTE:  A reading is NOT a substitute for medical, psychological, legal, financial, or any other kind of professional treatment or advice.  It is your constitutional right to use the information that you receive in a reading to empower yourself and make wiser choices to improve your life.  Rev. Dr. Cynthia is a doctorate of Divinity who can offer you spiritual and psychic advice, and presents what she feels is coming through for you from the spiritual and astrological world.  However, it is up to you to choose how you interpret and apply what is given in a reading, and you, and you alone, are responsible for any actions you decide to take.         
       Keep in mind that Rev. Dr. Killion does not claim to be 100% accurate, since no human can ever know everything.  You are always free to accept or reject anything you hear in session, and you should always use your own intuition, practicality, and
 common sense when evaulating any reading or advice that you receive from anyone.

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