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CHANNELING....One Message, Many Channels

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            If you can channel One, you can channel all.  Once you are open to One, you open to many.  (It does not mean that you will channel all.  It simply means you  can.  And will.  As appropriate.)

            It is like seeing—with your physical vision.  If you can see one thing, you can see anything.  Of course, you may not be able to see at a great distance, because eyesight seems to be limited by the physical laws.  But channeling has no such limitations.  You can channel as far as you are willing to go.  Yes, you can go as deep as you are willing to go.

            There are different channels because there are different messages.  Actually, at the heart of it, there is only one message, the message of unconditional love, surrender, and unity.  There are many channels and messengers because the message is so important and because the world needs to keep hearing it again and again in different forms…there are many channels because the world needs to hear it in many different ways…until it wakes up…until we all wake up.

            To channel, all you need to do is to get in the quiet and open up.  If at all possible, get away from human distraction, or at least, any humans who are not channeling with you.

            It is most powerful to channel in a group. Yes, there is nothing more powerful than a group of like-minded individuals gathered together to receive the teachings.  “The Teachings” are sweeping the planet and revolutionizing the way we think, act, and talk.


            Everything we tell you is taking you to your higher good. Yes, everything we are telling you now is taking you deeper into synchronicity.  We are connecting and reconnecting you back to the essence of who you are.

            You worry that you don’t have time to do this all.  You wonder how you have time to take care of the soul and still go about our day-to-day responsibilities.  Yet haven’t we always taken care of you?

            When you focus on the care of the soul, really focus on aligning with your soul, events and circumstance begin to align in a synchronistic flow/in a way that is better than anything you ever could have planned.  Things become easy.  They stop becoming/being such a “struggle”. 

            It is a “miracle” how overwhelmingly easy and effortless things become when your chakras are cleared out, you are eating healthy, and you are in tune with your Higher Intelligence.

            Basically, everything just falls into place.  Basically all you need to do is get right in your soul and balanced in your energy bodies, and the rest will take care of itself.  (Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven.)

            Now this does not mean that you will never have to lift a finger again (to take out the trash or to type a memo).  It does mean that the work you do/have will become more easy and effortless, and that you will find yourself riding along a flow of powerful synchronistic energy.

            But to do this, to get there, you must restructure your life a little.  You must create a life that has time for silence, reflection, and recognition.  You must create a lifestyle that does not tear down your spiritual growth/progress, but instead feeds it/builds it up.  Perhaps gradually…slowly, or bit by bit.  But you CAN do it.

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