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Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde....Patience is the Key!

NOTE:  Mars is retrograde in 2018 from June 26th to Aug 27th.  This same guidance applies during this current Mars retrograde cycle, as well as with any future ones.
UPDATED:  JULY 16, 2018


On April 17th  (2016), Mars will go retrograde.  It will stay retrograde until June 29th, and then we will have several more weeks of “adjustment” while we wait for Mars to come out of its “shadow” and return back to the place where it was at when it originally retrograded.  (Dates for 2018 Mars Retrograde: June 26th through August 27th.)

Retrograde Mars doesn’t happen very often.  In fact, according to my research, Mars only goes retrograde every 22 months (that’s about two years apart) for 11 weeks.  (Those of you who know something about numerology can appreciate the power of the numbers involved here.)  The last time it went retrograde was back in spring of 2014.


As of the time of this writing, Mars has not yet gone retrograde, but no doubt is already in it's pre-retrograde shadow (think of it as the "preview" to the retrograde).  I'm already starting to notice some of the effects on my own energy levels.  Mainly, I find that I need more time for rest & recuperation. 


Also, I'm finding that I'm starting to be more introspective about projects and new ideas, and want to think things through a little bit longer than usual before I act (a positive, if you ask me!).  The drawbacks to this Mars retrograde energy that I have noticed is that it seems that people (including myself) are more easily irritated right now by the "little things".  But then, getting enough rest & taking care of one's self (instead of over committing oneself with too many activities) tends to reduce irritation and increase one's capability for patience.


I have one new idea in particular that I am very excited about moving forward with for next summer.  This relates to some small group apprenticeships that I want do do.  Even though I'm very excited, I'm not taking any major steps just yet nor am I making any major annoucements about my plans.  Instead, I am simply taking my time to think about things and develop a plan.  I'm giving myself PLENTY of time & space to get it right.  Because I understand the basic nature of Mars retrograde, I didn’t want to rush in to anything.  You shouldn’t either, at least, until this Mars retrograde period is over on June 29th 2016, and probably for several weeks after that as well (until Mars moves out of its post-retrograde “shadow”…more on that another time). 


This doesn't mean that you can't launch any new projects or ideas during this time.  However, if you can, it's better to follow-through with ideas & projects that you had ALREADY began (or at least, conceived of) before Mars went retrograde.  Perhaps what would be even BETTER is to conserve your energy for a little while & just focus on those one or two projects or areas of life that you have ARLEADY laid some groundwork with, and just keep going deeper with these.  Retrogrades of all kinds are an opportunity to review & re-evulate how well what you are doing is already working.  This Mars retrograde is a time for you to look at your current goals & action plans and see how well these truly align with what drives you inside.

The keyword for Mars retrograde is:  PATIENCE.   In case you haven’t already noticed, it’s taking longer to get things done these days than usual, especially if you insist on being in a hurry or on a “tight schedule”.  (This will especially become even more true once Mercury ALSO goes retrograde from April 28th-May 22nd.)  NOTE:  In 2018, Mercury retrograde will once again overap with Mars retrograde during the dates of July 25th-August 18th.)

Since Mars is the planet of speed, action, and results, you can expect that these areas of life will NOT go as quickly as you would like (or anticipate) when Mars is retrograde.  In fact, the more you try to force or rush things during this time, the less chance you will have of getting what you want or getting things done.  So slow down and relax a little. 

Release any tendency you have to demand everything you want WHEN you want it and HOW you want it.
  This is no time for temper tantrums.  They won’t get you anywhere during Mars retrograde, except perhaps out the cosmic door.

Yes, it’s true that you can still have WHAT you want (at least, the *essence* of what you truly desire), but it might be coming in a different way than you anticipated, or at a different time than you hoped for.  And that’s OK.  You’ll save yourself a lot of grief if you just stop resisting or pushing against this inevitable truth.

If you want things to be easier for you, then ACCEPT that everything is happening according to its own perfect schedule, which might be a little bit different then your idea of a perfect schedule.   ACCEPT that everything, I mean *everything*, that happens is happening for a reason and is bringing you closer to the fulfillment of your truest dreams…even if it doesn’t look that way on the surface.

your insistency
that things must be done “this way” or “that way”  (especially if “this way” is your way).  Let go of the need to control, and see what happens if you just let things unfold, without too much interference or inhibition from you.  Stop pushing against the current, stop fighting the inevitable flow, and JUST LET GO.

A radical concept….I know.  But actually very pragmatic (and quite necessary) for emotional survival & sanity during this time we call “Mars retrograde”.

I’ve got *more* to say on this subject, much more (in fact, three pages more).  The rest of what I have prepared for you deals with subjects as diverse as time travel, The Course in Miracles, and the planetary energies of Venus (the balancing partner to Mars). 

But since Mars is in retrograde, I’ve decided to NOT go over the top today, or be extreme, but to quit while I am still ahead, and to doll the rest of information out to you in manageable “lumps”.  A rather good example for how to behave during Mars retrograde, if I must say so myself (smile).

Look forward to “dolling” out more Mars retrograde guidance to you in the future.

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