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ARTICLE: Consecrating Salt for Psychic Clearing


By Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion  10/26/2015 

REMEMBER:  Salt that isn't consecrated in advance isn't "worth its salt" when it comes to energy clearing!

            Salt has been used for eons to cleanse and purify on a psychic, spiritual, and energetic level.  Consecrated salt is spread around rooms and houses to ward off evil spirits, mixed into holy water for a similar purpose, used to clear one's aura of negativity and trauma, and also rubbed on ceremonial tools (such as crystals or sacred jewelry) to cleanse and purify the object.  Although any type of salt will technically work for these purposes (including common table salt), the kind of salt that usually works best (and carries the most magical punch) is SEA SALT. 

            My own personal favorite kind of sea salt to use for energetic and ceremonial cleansing is Celtic sea salt (available at many health food stores, at least, as of this writing).  However, any type of sea salt that you happen to have on hand will work just fine.  There is some disagreement as to whether one must use the whole salt crystals, or if the finely ground stuff will suffice.  In my personal experience, BOTH the salt crystals and the finely ground salt are powerful cleansers, especially when you are dealing with pure sea salt (as opposed to table salt).   They do have different uses that they work better for, though.  (For example, finely ground sea salt dissolves in water slightly faster than the whole crystals, which might be helpful when you are trying to make a purification spray.)  I say use whatever form of sea salt that you have access to, as it is ALL powerful. 

          If you don't have sea salt on hand when you need to do an energetic clearing, you can also use whatever kind of salt you have (including plain table salt).  In my experience, these other kinds of salt do not work as powerfully as sea salts, but they do still get the job done more or less.  Whatever kind of salt you are using, you must remember to CONSECRATE it first, or otherwise it is not very effective as a psychic cleanser.  Using salt to spiritually cleanse with that has not first been consecrated can actually do more harm than good.  Consecration (and removal of any pre-existing negative energies in the salt) is crucial for activating the energetic cleansing process. 


When it comes to using sea salt for spiritual psychic cleansing (or any other kind of salt), it is VERY important to consecrate the salt first.  "Consecration" means purifying the salt through energy, prayer, and intentions, and raising its qualities to a higher (more spiritual) vibration.  This doesn't necessarily have to take a long time, but it does need to be done IN ADVANCE of using the salt for any kind of spiritual or psychic cleansing.  This is true of any and all kinds of salt. 

           The reason salt must be consecrated first before using in this way is because salt has a tendency to naturally absorb energies, including negative ones.  In fact, salt is one of the most powerful natural absorbants of negative energies (that's why it works so well in cleansing, purification and exorcism rituals).  Salt that is not consecrated absorbs negative energies just sitting on the shelf.  You don't want any of these pre-existing negative energies going into whatever it is you are trying to cleanse with the salt or spreading to your aura.  That's why you CONSECRATE the salt.  When you consecrate salt, you are basically doing a little mini-exorcism on any energetic nasties that it may have previously picked up and clearing the slate so that the absorbant nature of the salt can be utilized for the cleansing task at hand.  


          As mentioned above, salt can be purified and consecrated by using positive energy and intentions along with prayer.  This takes out all of the energetic impurities and raises the vibration of the salt to a higher level.  There are no special prayers or magic formulas that "must" be said to consecrate salt, as each of us will consecrate our salt in our own unique ways, in accordance with our own individual understanding of how to work with Divine energy.  An invocation or prayer of some kind is usually involved.  Again, this prayer will be unique to the individual.  However, whatever kind of prayer or energy work you do on the salt, it does need to include at least two elements:

#1)  You must have the faith, belief and knowing that your prayer is effective, and be strong in the intention within yourself that the salt is being cleansed of all negativity and raised to a higher level. 

#2)  You must specifically ask & intend (in your own way) that the salt be purged and cleared of any and all pre-existing negativity, and that it now be activated/dedicated as an instrument of cleansing, purification, and healing. 

Here is another HELPFUL HINT:  When you do the asking/intending/praying mentioned above in #2, it also helps if you place your hands on the salt, and transmit light energy through your fingertips.  I also find it helpful if you actually stick a finger or two down into the salt and stir it around as you are cleansing/consecrating it.  Or conversely, you can use your mind & your imagination to simply visualize light pouring down into the salt and spiraling around and working out all the impurities.  I also recommend that you meditate to ground, center & purify YOURSELF a few moments before you begin the consecration process.  It is particularly helpful to imagine yourself surrounded in either a white light or a blue light.

It should go without saying (but just in case it doesn't, smile) that this procedure of consecration is best done when you are in a positive, calm, and centered state of mind.  It will also work best when you are alone & undisturbed in a quiet place.

         As far as the physical logistics go, it is best if you can take the entire bag of sea salt at once and pour it into a glass, ceramic, copper or china bowl and consecrate the entire bag at once.  This has two benefits:  #1)  If you consecrate the entire bag all at once, you won't have to consecrate any more salt for a little while.   #2)  Also, even if you are not consecrating the entire bag of salt, it's just easier to place your hands over the salt & send energy when it is poured into a bowl.  Just be sure to never use a plastic bowl if you can avoid it, as that doesn't go too well with the whole purification thing (smile).  

In case you are the kind of person who likes things broken down into linear steps (or if you would just like to see an example of how this is actually done by one person) I am going to give you an idea of one of my own personal rituals for consecrating salt below.  However, do keep in mind that each person is unique (including you), and once you get into consecrating your own salt, you will naturally find the way that works best for you.  So let your own inner spirit (along with your angels & guides) direct you as to the proper method for you, and consider what I am writing here only as a navigation tool to get you pointed in the right direction. (smile)       


(For those who want the more "linear" version) 

1.  Get out the materials you will need in advance.  This basically means your salt (preferably sea salt) and if you are using it, a glass, ceramic, copper, china, or other earthenware bowl to put the salt in.  (Definitely recommended!  Although you can purify it right in your hand if no natural type bowl is available.  Remember that you should NOT put the salt in a plastic bowl to be consecrated, as plastic can scramble the purifying energies and intentions.)  

2.  Pick up or clean up the space you will be working in. This sounds simplistic but it is actually fundamental.  You don't want to attempt to do a consecrating/clearing of salt in a dirty or overly-cluttered space.  So clean off that counter-top! 

3.  When you are ready to do your consecration, make sure it is at a quiet time where you can be alone & undisturbed.  (You don't need a nosy relative or spouse peering over you shoulder while you are trying to remove energetic impurities.)   

4.  Pour your salt into the glass, copper or earthenware bowl, if using.  (If you are not using a bowl, you can either hold the actual salt directly in your hand during the ceremony, or just place your hands down into the bag of salt, or improvise however you need to.)

5.  Take a few moments to get yourself in a positive, relaxed, and centered place.  If you are the more spiritual type, you may wish to say a prayer invoking your higher power, as well as your angels and guides.  At the very least, take a few deep breathes in, and get into that peaceful state of mind where you can more easily access your inner power.

6.  Placing your hands upon the salt (if at all possible) or simply using your mind to sense and visualize your connection with the salt, say some kind of prayer that contains the following elements: 

A)  A request/intention/command that all impurities be removed from the salt.  

B)  Then a request/intention that the salt be used only for good, healing, and cleansing.  

C) Finally, a blessing and activation of the salt.

As mentioned above, you can use any prayer or intention you would like to accomplish this, and should probably find a way of doing it with your own words, words that are personally meaningful & relevant to you.  However, to get you started, I will share with you some examples of some consecrating prayers/intentions that I have used:

Consecrating Prayer Example #1:  "Salt, I purify and consecrate you, and remove all impurities and inequities.  Only good remains.  I dedicate you as an agent and tool of healing and purification.  Salt, I bless you, and infuse you with the loving, healing light of the Divine." 

Consecrating Prayer Example #2:  "Salt, I consecrate you, that you be an instrument of purity, purification, and light.  I remove all impurities from you, and banish any trace of evil or negativity from within you.  Only light and purity remains within you now.  Blessed be, Salt."  

7.)  As you are saying your consecrating prayer, or immediately after you are done saying your prayer, place your hands upon the salt and visualize light coming in from above your head, pouring down your arms and into your fingertips and infusing and activating the salt.  Stir the salt as you do this visualization.  Continue this visualization for a moment or two while you touch or gently stir the salt until you feel a positive energy "click".    

8.)  At this point, your salt is basically purified and ready to be used.  However, if you would like to take it a step further (in terms of potency & strength), and if you have time, here is what you should do:  Take your bowl of salt and place it outside where it will be undisturbed and can soak up some sunlight and moonlight for a few hours (or even a day or two).  Or if placing it outside is not practical, then you can instead place it inside in a spot where it can receive some direct sunlight or moonlight (or both).  That's it! 

            USES:  Now that you have your consecrated salt, you can sprinkle it around your home to banish evil and clear out negative spirits and energies, rub it on your palms or feet to remove negativity from your own field, mix it into water and make a consecrated holy water spray, or sprinkle it outside your home for protection.  You can also rub consecrated salt on crystals & ceremonial objects that you would like to energetically cleanse.  Also, add a little consecrated salt to your bathwater whenever you are doing your cleansing or purification bath.  (Consecrated Epsom salts can even be used for this!)

         In addition to all these above-mentioned uses, I myself like to wipe my counters down with a mixture of consecrated salt and water before I do my herb-crafting or flower essence making on them.  Also, a quick way to cleanse energetically after you have been out in public (and thus exposed to a lot of energies) is to simply rub your hands with consecrated salt.  (You can also rinse them in water at the same time too, if you would like.)  If any of my flower essences or essential oils that I use for my own personal healing get banged around in the cabinet or dropped, I like to rub them with some consecrated sea salt crystals to help soften any eneretic disturbance and get their healing properties re-charged.  Another thing that I like to do periodically is take the feathers that I use on my altar and set them in a box lined with consecrated salt for a week or more to get them re-charged.  The possible uses of consecrated salt are limitless for those of us on the spiritual, psychic and metaphysical paths!

           By the way, in case you are wondering, it is perfectly fine to use consecrated sea salt for cooking.  In fact, I recommend it!  It might even make your dishes taste a little bit better, as if they've got that "special something".

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