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Monday, September 28, 2015

Help for Those Who are Overwhelmed with Spirit Contact


Dear Friends, throughout the years, I have received many phone calls, letters, e-mails and FB messages from people who are experiencing (or have experienced in the past) overwhelming levels of spirit contact.  These are people who tend to be more naturally sensitive and open to the spirit world than others.  Most of these people aren't necessarily trying to be more open.  They simply have a natural way about them that makes them more available for spirits to communicate with or appear too. 

           It is interesting to note that the majority of the people who contact me about this are young women age 25 or younger or their parents.  I have especially noticed this kind of sensitivity occurring in higher numbers among young girls aged 13-22.  Usually after the 22nd birthday the overwhelming spirit visitations start to gradually taper down.  Of course, each person is different, and there are certainly males who have sensitivity to spirits, as well as older females.  However, when working with those who are OVERWHELMED with spirit contact, I have noticed that it is usually younger women and older female adolescents who fall into this group. 

           I believe that this has to do with the strong emotional and creative energy that such young women emmanate.  The spirits are able to use this energy to more easily manifest and express in our physical world.  This is why historically speaking, some of the best mediums in the world have been young women.  (For example, the Fox sisters.)  However, regardless of your gender or your age, if you are a person with a very strong energy field, especially if you are strongly emotional or creative, then the spirit world will be more naturally drawn to you, since you appear to them to have just the right kind of energy that they can use to manifest & communicate in the physical world.

             Believe it or not, most spirits do have to "borrow" energy from our physical plane in order to make themselves seen or felt there.  (This is why they love messing with the lights & electrical or technological toys/equipment...these are readily available power sources that make manifestation much easier for them.)  Sometimes the spirits borrow this energy from electrical and subtle currents in the environment.  However, their favorite source of energy is usually a HUMAN BEING with mediumistic tendencies.  In other words, a human with a very open, unprotected energy field whose energy they can easily tap to manifest and express through.  And the more impressive and bold the manifestation, the more energy they have to "borrow". 

            If you are attempting to develop your mediumship gifts, this knowledge can be very useful for you.  Basically, what it means is that if you want to get the spirits to come out and play with you (metaphorically speaking), you need to get your creative, emotional, and even spiritual energy up HIGH.  This will draw more spirits to you.  Also, even if you are already able to easily contact the spirit world, you do need to keep in mind that they are likely using YOUR energy to manifest & communicate.  (Even the highest forms of channeling with the higher level beings do use some energy from the medium/channeler's body.) 

           This means that if you are going to engage in mediumship or channeling practices, then you need to be taking VERY GOOD care of your physical body, including eating regular nutritious meals, drinking lots of waters & nourishing fluids, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising regularly.  Regarding exercise, it is very important for those engaging in regular channeling/mediumship practices to do some kind of regular cardio and/or strength building work-out if you can.  This will help keep your aura from developing holes or tears as a result of long-term spirit channeling. 


               But what if you are one of the people whom I mentioned early who already have no problem at all with getting spirit energy to come to you?  What if in fact you are OVERWHELMED or bothered with too much spirit communication?  What causes a person to be born like this or find themselves in a situation like this anyway?

     There are many possible contributors that can cause a person to be open to this overwhelming degree to spirit contact (including improper diet or substance abuse).  However, in my experience, one of the most common explanations as to why a person experiences this kind of overwhelming or disturbing spirit contact has to do with the root chakra not properly opening or activating at birth....this is especially true when a person comes into this world with a higher psychic consciousness (in other words, any of the upper chakras more open & activated).    

            If the root chakra doesn't properly "click" open and activate at the time of birth, such a person will be greatly imbalanced in their energy system, and become an "open door" for nearly any spirit who wants to communicate or use this person's energies to create manifestations in the physical world.  Also, even if the root chakra does properly activate at birth, it can be damaged or shut back down from abuse, trauma, or severe sickness in early childhood. 

           Either way, if you have a naturally sensitive psychic person (read: very open in the throat, third eye, or crown chakra) who doesn't have a properly balanced & open root chakra, then intrusive (and possible dangerous) spirit activity is very likely to occur for that person at some point in their lives, as they aren't sufficiently grounded enough in this earth plane to keep out unwanted spirit energy.  Particularly in puberty and the young adult years (when the spiking hormones also trigger spikes in the energy field), such a person (one with a blocked or weakened root chakra and very active upper chakras) could experience some very STRANGE phenomenon indeed.  


AN EXAMPLE OF SOMEONE'S EXPERIENCE with overwhelming spirit energy/contact

              Just what kind of phenonemon might such a person experience?  To illustrate my point, I will share with you a short letter I recently received from a young woman having these kinds of experiences (to protect her identity, her name & identifying details have been changed, but everything else is just as she wrote it to me). 

                "Dear Cynthia, My name is Allison and I am 24.  I live in a nearby city.  I have been looking for answers for years and I'm to the point I'm so used to odd things happening to me since I was about ten years old. Long story short I would love to speak with you about what kind of spirits is following me...and why I attract these kind of things almost everywhere I go. My TVs, I used to be able to tell my TV to turn or off!

           I would always be missing things that I would sit in a certain place and next day would be gone to later find it in my dresser lol. Cabinets in my kitchen and bathroom open my bedroom door opening and all kinds of stuff. In highschool at night time I would have to take sleeping pills to go to sleep cuz I could hear voices when I was trying to go to sleep and would see a shadow of a person. I think it is a young girl cuz she would come to me in my dreams she looked a lot like me but with curly hair.

                 I hope I don't sound crazy just want answers. Its been about a year since anything has happened to me. Please help if you can."  

              You might just recognize some of your own experiences in this letter, that is, if you are a person who was also born naturally psychically opened but has a compromised or blocked root chakra.  If not, well then, you might be tempted to think that Allison is crazy.  But having experiences such as the ones described above do not necessarily mean a person is "crazy".  If that were the case, then there are many more "crazy" people out there then we think, because for the last 20 years or so, I have heard these same kinds of stories from people from ALL walks of life, including from people who seemed otherwise "together" mentally speaking.

           More than likely, what it does mean when a person has these experiences is that he or she is a bit too open to the spirit world, and needs to get her lower chakras (especially the root and the solar plexus) activated & open in a stronger way so that she can lead a more healthy and balanced life.   I'll share with you a few tips for doing that in a moment, but first, I would like to point out a few things about Allison's letter.  

            #1)  Her age.  She listed her age as 24 (that part has not been changed).  She also said that she hadn't had any of the unusual experiencs for about a year (since age 23).  This concurs with my theory that the spirit activity around these types is usually worse in the adolescent & young adult years.  

             #2)  She mentioned that the disturbing spirit phenomenon began taking place when she was 10.  If I were working with Allison in a private session with her, my first question to her would be "What upsetting or disturbing thing happened to you around age 9 or 10?"  This would hold clues as to why her root chakra has become so closed down or weakened.  (It would also help identify where she needs to concentrate on for her own emotional, spiritual, and psychic healing.)  

              #3)  Notice that Allison mentioned her TV and being able to turn it on or off just by "telling" it what to do.  This is likely an example of spirits manipulating and using an electrical device to manifest.   

            #4)  Notice too that Allison mentioned that at one point, this spirit activity interferred with her sleeping patterns to the point that she had to take sleeping pills in order to sleep.  This is an example of how being this open to spirit energy (especially without proper grounding in the root & solar plexus chakras) can screw up your physical body. 

          Would you like to know what my recommendations were to Allison?  Well, certainly.  Below you will find my response to her.  


(and others who suffer from intrusive or overwhelming spirit contact)

         "Dear Allison, thank you for writing.   Well, it sounds like you have had some very
interesting experiences indeed.  I have a few quick thoughts & observations to share in response to what you have written.  Keep in mind that these are just my initial impressions, and if some day we were ever to do a private reading together, I would be able to tune into your energ in a much more in-depth way, and provide additional insights that might be even more helpful.  But in the meantime, I do believe you will find what I have to say here for you very helpful indeed.

        Obviously, you were either born very psychically open, or became extremely open at a quite a young age.  It seems to me that when you were born (or shortly thereafter) your ROOT CHAKRA did not fully open, but your upper chakras (particularly the throat & the
third eye) were very open.  This resulted in an imbalance in your energy system, which also gave you the ability to more easily connect with the spirit world (particularly the spirits of the deceased).

           When such a situation has arisen, to some extent, it can naturally begin to heal & take care of itself on its own as you age physically.  (This has to do with the natural hormone
cycles, puberty, etc.)  This is why the disturbances are becoming far less frequent.  However, I say that it can take care of itself to "some extent", because even though the psychic
disturbances often begin to slow down, the openness is still there, and the connection to the physical plane is usually still not as strong as it needs to be in order to ensure a happy,healthy and abundant experience on the physical plane.

             Therefore, what needs to happen in order for you to be more at ease and healthy on all levels in life is to open, heal, and balance the ROOT chakra.  There are MANY ways to do this, and no doubt a Google search with the phrase "open root chakra" will provide you with more than enough suggestions.  If we were to do a private reading, then I would ask your guides for the SPECIFIC things that are keyed to your energy for opening the root chakra.  However, even without a private reading from a competent psychic or energy worker, you will likely be able to inuit/feel/sense which root chakra opening techniques are best for you.

              I will share with you that my own personal favorite for feeding, strengthening, and opening the root chakra is to spend frequent time outside in nature, especially sitting by
a tree or a plant.  This technique is wonderful because nature is freely available and it usually costs nothing to spend some time in it.  You can connect with nature in such a way as to open your root chakra anywhere that plants are located, including in your own yard or even a park or botanical center in a city.

             Some people like to use meditation too in order to open the chakras.  In my experience, meditation can greatly help open the root chakra, but only if it is combined with "grounding" experiences such a being in nature, eating healthily or dancing or otherwise being more present in your body.  I do have a meditation CD that links the Root Chakra with the Solar Plexus and the Crown.  I will share a link to this for you at the end of this e-mail free of charge.

            Finally, in closing I would like to add that you might notice that I have not spoken at all about the spirits that were around you in the past.  If that is something you want to
explore in more detail, we can certainly do that in a private reading.  However, I have chosen here in my reply to instead focus on the things that you might need for health, healing,and wholeness on all levels, including the spiritual psychic realm. 

          I find that if a person who is experiencing (or has experienced) distressing or overwhelming spirit phenomenon becomes too wrapped up in learning more about the spirits around her, it only contributes to the problem and makes things worse.  For now, it is better to focus on your own healing & re-balancing your energies, so that you can experience more peace and a greater sense of being in charge of your own life.

Many Blessings,
Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion

P.S.  Here is the link to the complimentary Energy Clearing Meditations
for you:

(Concentrate on the ROOT & SOLAR PLEXUS meditations on this downloadable
CD. Then do the one for the Crown & linking them all together only AFTER
you have opened & strengthened your Root & Solar Plexus at least a few
times with these meditations.)  

READER:  I hope that this article has helped you as well to understand more about spirit communication, and specifically how important it is to keep that root chakra (and solar plexus chakra to) open & strong!  Love & Blessings to You, Dr. Psychic Cynthia  

P.S.  Please note too that although I didn't mention it when writing back to Allison, there are also many FLOWER ESSENCES that can help those who are too open to better regulate their spiritual psychic energies & increase their psychic protection.  Some of these include RED CLOVER, FLEABANE, YARROW (Golden, pink or white, or all 3 used together), GARLIC, UMBRELLA WORT (WILD FOUR O'CLOCK), WHITE SNAKEROOT, OR GREEN FOXTAIL GRASS, among others. 

            For more info about ordering these or any other flower essences from me directly, please check my "Creation Page" on this website, or write with a request to order flower essences & I will make sure you get the info you need for ordering.  You can also write me directly through this website by clicking on CONTACT CYNTHIA from the navigation bar.  Either way you choose to contact me about the essences, you might want to mention why you are ordering and just a few sentences or a paragraph about your situation....this will help me to better know exactly WHICH one (or ones) of the essences to recommend for you.  Namaste, and love & blessings to you!  





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