Spiritual Psychic Cynthia Killion

Clearing Meditations


~Energy Clearing Meditations~ 

With Rev. Dr. Cynthia Killion 

Original Meditations to Help You

Awaken, Activate, and Clear

Your Solar Plexus, Root & Crown Chakras

And Prepare Your Aura & Subtle Bodies

For Accelerated, Spiritual Psychic

Growth & Awakening 




Track 1: Intro to Energy Clearing Meditations    6:19 min.

Track 2:  Solar Plexus Clearing Meditation   13:08 min.

Track 3:  Root Chakra Clearing Meditation    11:01 min.

Track 4:  Crown Chakra Clearing Meditation  9:58 min.

Track 5:  Conclusion to Energy Clearing Meditations   6:09 min.

Total Time on CD:  about 47 minutes

Music Credits:  Track 1 "Above Mountains".  Track 2-5 "Tranquil Landscapes". 

Courtesy of Shockwave Sound.  Used with Permission.

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DEAR ONE, if you like these meditations and enjoy clear energy & being psychically free & purified, then you may also enjoy Rev. Dr. Cynthia's "Spiritual Psychic Energy Clearing Home Study Program", also known as TAKE BACK YOUR ENERGY & POWER.  (Click on link for more info). 

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