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~Learn to pause, and allow yourself communion with nature~

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              Dear Friends, I’m writing this while I’m at the cabin on the lake, the one that my husband and I like to sometimes “get away” to.   It is on the outskirts of a small town in southern Kansas, far away from the hustle and bustle of noisy city living.  This cabin is a peaceful haven where I sometimes go to get re-charged.  I enjoy it greatly because there is so much nature here on this quiet lake, and yet, we also have access to many modern conveniences such as running water and air conditioning.  It is a lot like going camping, only without all the hassle and discomfort (smile).
              I just got back from taking a walk down to what I call the magical “fairy ring park”.  It is a wooded campground area on the remote end of the lake that is very quiet and off the beaten path.   This “fairy park” sets off of the road and goes all the way back to the edge of the water, where the lake is very narrow here and more like a “river” or a “channel” than a lake.
              Tall, wild grass leads down to flat, low lying ground near the river that is populated by willows, cottonwoods, and occasional cattails.  Across this narrow strip of lake, there are small cliffs and ledges of striking red rock.  In addition to the willows and the cottonwoods, the fairy park is also populated by elms, maples, catalpas, and mighty oaks.   Most impressive of all are the two mighty Oaks that are set off towards the north end of the area.  One of them in particular is so huge that it looks like two different trees that are fused together, only it is actually just one tree.
                 I’ve never actually measured its circumference.  However, I did once try wrapping my arms around it to see how many times it would take for me to cover its entire width.  I can’t remember the exact number, but I do remember that it was close to three times the span of my arms….perhaps more.  The other Oak that sits with it is “smaller” in width, although probably still at least as wide as two or three of my arm spans.  These mighty Oaks are old and wise sentient beings, Masters of the nature realm.  Whenever I am at the cabin and I feel the need for healing or inspiration, I just go and sit at the base of one of these mighty oaks in the fairy ring park.
            Today was such a day, for I was seeking guidance and answers about how to proceed next with my spiritual psychic development classes.  I also wanted to receive healing & nurturing from nature, especially for the parts within my heart that still grieve for people and friendships lost.  And of course, I was simply open to whatever Spirit and Nature wanted me to receive.   I was ready to go on a “vision quest” of a sort.  So I set off on a walk to the fairy-ring park with a gift for the fairies in my pocket (an orange crème flavored candy) and a small “divination bag” (containing two decks of oracle cards) slung over my shoulder. 

      The wind was blowing hot and strong from the southwest, a wind of spring with hints of summer interlaced on its breath.   In true magical tradition, I left my hair down to be blown and tumbled in the wind, so as to receive the full benefits of its cleansing and empowering effect.  The sun was beating fiercely down upon the dirt road.  Even though it is only early May, already I felt the sun’s light as intense and uncomfortably warm upon my tender pale skin.
                It felt so hot in the sun, I thought briefly about turning back.  But then I decided to go on anyway.  After all, most vision quests do involve an element of discomfort.  Since I’ve hiked a desert mountain in one hundred and seventeen degree weather before, I figured I could endure a short three-quarters of a mile walk down a hot & sandy road when it was only eighty six degrees outside.  So I continued forward on my magical vision quest, anticipating the gifts from Spirit that I would receive.
             The magic began almost immediately.  Just a few minutes into my journey, I came upon a giant hawk feather lying in the middle of the dusty road.  It was about eight or nine inches long, and by far one of the largest feathers I have ever encountered on a walking journey.  What a blessed gift and sight to behold.  I left the feather in the road, and continued walking.
             Since birds are considered to be messengers of the Divine, I knew that this was some kind of spiritual message for me.  It was as if the Divine itself was saying to me with this feather, “Don’t turn back, keep going”.  The feather was also a reminder to keep focused on the “BIG PICTURE” and to continue to soar high with my inner vision, just as the hawk does.
             I continued on in my journey to the fairy-ring park, past a blue-green spiky star-shaped plant with twelve points, a bed-full of beautiful multi-colored irises (purple, pink, lavender, blue, red, orange, white, and even tan) and an unusual and striking flat-capped mushroom with five “spokes” or “petals” radiating out from the center, like a five-pointed star.
             I arrived at the fairy-ring area..... 

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