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BLOG: MERCURY DIRECT...Full Speed Ahead!

Follow your heart, and get going again!

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Dear Friends, I just thought I’d take a moment to let you know that Mercury is about ready to go back “direct”. Whoopee!  I’m so glad that Mercury is going back direct.  It means that some of those communication problems, techno malfunctions, and travel “glitches” that many of us have experienced over the last 3 weeks can now start to clear up.


I made the bold & foolish decision to travel a couple of times during this most recent retrograde period.  In one instance, I was actually booted out of my hotel room a day early because they had gotten the reservations messed up and overbooked the entire hotel.  In another instance, I was almost unable to “check-out” when it came time to leave the hotel, because the hotel had chosen that very morning to begin installing a new computer system, and they weren’t sure how to locate my bill on the new system, or even if they could (!). 

       It’s a good thing that in addition to being a psychic & medium, I’m also an astrologer, and I knew that the forces of the Cosmos were at work here.  Otherwise, I would have been really you-know-what when these things happened (rhymes with “hissed”…smile).  Instead, I just took a deep breathe in, and let myself “roll” with it, knowing that there is not really much else you can do when Mercury retrograde is involved. 

To be honest, this was one of the most annoying Mercury retrograde periods I have experienced in recent years, because it seemed to be “messing” with me in many areas….there were many e-mails to clients that seemed to just get mysteriously “lost” in the ethers somewhere, there were mix-ups on who ordered what when it came time for students to pick up class materials, and there was even a re-do on getting my car re-paired…I took it in once to get a hole in the muffler fixed, then discovered I had to take it back a week later to get new tie rods, back tires, and an alignment (apparently, Mercury Retrograde is a time of great PROSPERITY for my mechanic…smile).


In any case, I can’t complain too much, since most of my “issues” with Mercury retrograde this time dealt mainly with the mundane areas of life, and I didn’t get hit so hard on the emotional or deep spiritual level as many others did. 


I mean, sure it’s annoying to have to “foot” a large car repair bill during Mercury retrograde, but it’s probably not as bad as feeling really depressed because your main relationship seems like it’s “on the rocks”, or feeling “lost” and confused in life. These are exactly the kind of feelings that many people experience during Mercury retrograde, particularly those people who have a higher emotional or psychic sensitivity.  In fact, it is not unusual for most of us to feel at least slightly “disorientated” during Mercury retrograde. 

As a society, we are so used to relying on our intellect & rational left brain, that when these things temporarily “break down” or become not as reliable, we are often totally clueless about how to proceed.  This is where the power of intuition comes in, and also listening to the heart, for these elements of you know-without-knowing how they know, and possess a wisdom much deeper than any so-called rational “facts”.


This is why the last 3 weeks (during Mercury’s retrograde) have been an excellent time to get more in touch with your heart, and start relying on your intuition more.


Now that Mercury is going back direct, you can examine your life with a more accurate & clear “rationale” understanding now.  However, I hope that you will continue to delve deep within your heart, and tune into that part of you that knows without-knowing-how it knows.  


Now that Mercury is going back direct, it is likely that each day you will become clearer about how to proceed in life.  You will start to get a strong feel for what “business” (cosmically speaking) that is most important to take care of right now, and there will be a cosmic “push” of energy to help fill your sails & propel you forward to get things done. 


And the best part about it is that during the last 3 weeks, while Mercury was still retrograde, your heart was speaking clearly to you the entire time, whispering to you exactly what it is you need to do next, and what you need to resolve, complete, or go forward with, now that Universal Forces are “ripe” for action.


Right now, in this moment, I invite you to take a moment to drop down into your heart, and consider what that NEXT STEP is for you to help you experience the deeper Joy of life.  Feel it, sense it & become it now…and then have the *courage* to go forward with this inner “nudge”, and make your dream REAL in the physical world.


I love you, and the Universe loves you. It’s full steam ahead now!

 Many Blessings, 

Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Guide


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