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Psychic Mentorship 2018
Psychic Mentorship-Help for You
in your process of blossoming & emerging




(A few thoughts from Dr. Rev. Cynthia regarding

the magic & value of Psychic Mentorship) 


For a moment think of yourself as a beautiful, blossoming flower.  (Or perhaps you may conceive of yourself as a flourishing bush of MANY flowers!)  As such a beautiful specimen of nature, you are already perfect exactly how you are.  (It's true!  Even if you don't already know it.)  You are fragrant and lovely and unique in a most special way.  Indeed, you were born this way, created in the image of the Divine itself, a unique expression of Source energy.  As a blossoming flower, you already contain the blueprint within you for perfection....


        And yet, sometimes you may find that the weight of being a beautiful blossoming flower is a bit much.  Sometimes you may find that you could just use a little bit of SUPPORT from the spiritual psychic realm to help you stand up taller and be more of your own person (or flowering self).  After all, it is a mighty hefty thing flourishing and flowering and being an instrument of love & beauty in this world! 


       This is where the power of mentorship comes in, for in having a spiritual psychic mentor, you can know that there is someone who has "got your back", someone who believes in you & your flowering and unfolding into the highest expression of YOU, someone who can be there to support & uplift you when the weight of trying to grow all on your own simply becomes TOO MUCH.  


       Of course, you are strong enough to make it on your own, just as the flower is strong enough to blossom without any support at all.  But with the help of a well-suited mentor, you will stand up even stronger, and your blossoming will shine and radiate outward even brighter.  (Plus, let's face it, isn't it nice just to have someone to talk with about your life and your growth who really cares?  And isn't it nice to not have to do it all on your own? smile)  


      Also, as a flowering soul, sometimes you may find yourself in situations in life where your growth becomes stagnant or even scattered or out of control.  Sometimes you may find that you could use a little guidance to help "train" or direct the flowering of your inner self.  Again, the help of a well-matched mentor could be very useful here for you.  For often when you are feeling stuck or scattered, all you need is a little nudge in the right direction from someone who can see your situation from a higher perspective.  


      As a mentor and a master gardener (of the soul, that is!) it is my role to help all of those who mentor with me to flourish and flower in the highest & healthiest way possible.  


      If you decide to mentor with me, we will partner together with the Spiritual Psychic realm and the angels and guides to help you access the spiritual blueprint for your life, and to support you in manifesting your own personal highest destiny.  Along the way, I will also do my best to help support you with whatever other issues in life come up to be dealt with in our sessions together (including relationships, life purpose, career, family issues, and so on).  


     Whether your personal track is awakening & perfecting your psychic gifts, activating your prosperity, opening your heart & healing your relationships, or discovering and living your life purpose, YOU get to decide where it is we will go together in your personalized mini-intensive. 


      Whatever it is you need to focus on and tend to in your Garden of Life in 2018, with the help of the angels & guides, I will do my best to assist you with it!


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