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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Come Alive Now!

Dear Friends, Welcome to the first full week of spring!  At least for those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere, (and probably for all the rest of us too), it’s time to come out of our shells, and let the energies of life carry us forward again.

You might be feeling a little resistance to “getting going” again.  I know that where I live, we actually had snow on the first day of spring here (last Saturday).  It certainly didn’t look very spring like!  It was almost as if Mother Nature herself was experiencing resistance to moving forward.

But now that the sun has moved into Aries (not to mention that Mars is direct again), and we are well on our way to the full moon on March 29th, it is time to come out of the shell, and begin moving forward again.

It’s been such a long, hard winter for many of us, that there might be some hesitancy on the part of the soul to move forward.  And yet, it is time.  The movement of the sun from wise but weary, tired and ancient Pisces into youthful, hopeful, and exhilarating Aries is a time of personal rebirth.

The time of personal rebirth is just beginning for you, right now, right here.  Even though you may still be a bit weary from the demands of the previous months, somewhere inside, there is a passion and a new dream stirring within you. 

There is a desire to move forward, to create, to do and be something more than you have previously been.  This is the quintessential essence of what happens each year when the sun enters Aries.  This is the primal desire of rebirth, the impetus to re-make yourself in a greater and grander form, to express more of Who-You-Truly-Are in this physical world.

You were born to be special.  You were born to be unique.  You were chosen to represent the energies of your soul family on earth in the most grand, original, and expansive way possible.  You were NOT born to wallow in anonymity or mediocrity.  Instead, you were born to be a person of greatness and distinction, in your own way, in your own little piece of the world.  You were born….to be YOU.

You came directly from the original Source to arrive at this point in time.  Your purpose in being here, among many others, is to generate new & original source material.  In other words, you are a creator, and a generator of new possibilities and expressions in this world.  Without you, the Universe would be incomplete.

So I invite you to take the time whenever you read this to step outside of your previous limitations. I invite you to throw out any negative preconceptions about yourself or your abilities.  Instead, I encourage you to join me in celebrating this time of renewal by stepping INTO unlimited possibility. 

You are made of the same stuff that stars are made of.  This tells me that you were born to SHINE.  Take a moment to go inside now and ask yourself, “How is it that I most deeply desire to shine?  What passion, dream, or desire is stirring within me now & calling me to act?”

Get very still, and ask yourself these questions.  And then have courage. 

Know that whatever dream or desire is stirring within your heart, you don’t have to do it alone.  Your angel-teacher-guides are with you now, helping and supporting you, guiding you in the highest paths of expressions for yourself.  Mother Earth herself is with you now, and All of Creation, and they are working for you and with you, to help you unfold as the MASTERPIECE that you truly are.

Your soul family is with you now too, that wonderful groups of beings & souls that I wrote about earlier, the ones whom you share an eternal & lasting kinship with.  Some of the members of your “soul family” exist only in the non-physical spirit form, and they are communing with you in that way. Others from among your spiritual family are currently manifest in various kinds of bodies on this earth (as people, plants, and animals) and they too are helping to support you in your dreams.

Whatever it is that you desire to express, remember that you are part of a team.  This “team” is a perfectly harmonious society of physical & non-physical beings that supports you in unfolding to the highest, most expanded version of yourself possible.  ALL the members of your team cooperate and support you in your growth, because they know that without you in your most EXPANDED state, without you being who you truly are, without you being YOU, they are incomplete. 

It is their job to help you remember who you really are, just as it is your job to help them also remember who they are.  For we are all here to support each other.

As one remembers, the door of possibility swings open for yet another soul to enter.  Each soul that reawakens back to its divine potential paves the way for another soul to come up out of the darkness of spiritual amnesia and arise into the light of truth. This is the gift we are giving to each other. 

As you grow, I grow, and as I grow, you grow.  Together, we grow, and we shine the light upon the path for others. And in doing so, we give them an opportunity to return back to the Home they truly never left, and to come back to an awareness of the beauty of who they truly are.

Today, I celebrate the beauty of who you are, and who you are unfolding to become.  Happy becoming!

 Many Blessings,Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Guide
10:49 am cdt 

Friday, March 12, 2010

It is a GIFT to be here!

It is a GIFT to be here!

Dear Friends, “It is a gift to be here”.

            These are the words that fell from my lips as I was awakening this morning.  Only, it wasn’t just “me” speaking, but rather my spirit guides speaking through me.  In those quiet moments before dawn, I could feel all of them literally swirling around me, bringing me comfort, love, and peace. 

A few minutes previous to this, the grief had momentarily returned, this time while I slept.  It was only just a small, sharp, quick “pang”, but enough that my guides took notice and intervened.  I felt myself almost “slipping” down into the strange, dark pool of dream-time sorrow, but then it was as if my guides caught me by the hand and pulled me back up. 

I was suddenly engulfed in a shower of calm emanations, and the conscious awareness of my angel-teacher-guides within my field produced instant bliss. Accompanying this bliss, there was an image of myself dancing and filled with absolute joy, rhythm, and harmony, as if I was a melody myself.  And then there were pictures, images, knowings, and spoken messages that came into my mind from Them….
            CLICK HERE to read about the visions......


10:58 pm cst 

Monday, March 8, 2010



Dear Friends, hope your week is off to a terrific start.  In the last few days, I’ve talked with several people who told me that last week was EXTREMELY challenging for them in terms of emotional release or just feeling “scattered” or low on energy.

I, myself, was hit with another wave of deep grief, as I was forced to admit to myself that a friendship I had been hanging on to was no longer salvageable.  Indeed, as last week progressed, and the energies intensified, it became clear to me that to even want to continue in this particular relationship was a form of self-abuse and completely unhealthy. 

And so it was with great determination (but also great sorrow) that I resolved to permanently “close the door” on this relationship and move on to other, more healthy & supportive interactions.

It was as if I was undergoing some kind of great emotional purge.  The interesting thing is that many of the people whom I spoke with last week also expressed that they were going through similar things, even before I shared with them my own inner experience. 

Early in the week, I thought it was just me.  But then as the week progressed, more and more people (including myself) began showing “symptoms” of what I call the “transformational blues”.  Soon it became apparent that we were all in a time of deep “spring cleaning”….a “spring cleaning” of the heart and soul, and of the energies of the entire planet.

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9:31 pm cst 

Full Moon Help....AKA: Tips for Dealing with Transformational Blues
A NOTE FROM CYNTHIA:  Dear Beautiful Soul, the following article is a "newsletter" that I wrote for all of my clients & subscribers on the eve of a Full Moon, to help them deal with the influx of strong energies that were active at that time.  Although I was writing it at the time of a full moon, the guidance that is provided in this article is useful to help you to deal with ANY time period when the energies feel particularly heightened for you.  Hope you enjoy!


Dear Friends, I am writing on the eve of the Full Moon in Virgo.  Probably by the time you read this, the full moon will have already passed over by a day, although my guess is that we will continue to feel the intensity of its energies for at least another day or two, especially those of us who are particularly “sensitive’ or “empathetic”.

This full moon I am writing about took place at 10:38 am Central time on Sunday morning.  The moon was at 9 degrees Virgo, the sun at 9 degrees Pisces at the exact time of the full moon.  This means that those who have sun, moon, rising or other “planets” in the signs of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, & Sagittarius are most likely to experience strong effects from this full moon.

However, any one who is half-way conscious can feel the rise in energies when the moon is full.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice the increase in emotional intensity & general “moodiness” accompanying any full moon, not to mention the increase in frequency of intense natural phenomenon, such as earthquakes, floods, and severe weather shifts.

Am I really suggesting that a full moon is powerful enough to create mood-swings in a large proportion of the general public, or contribute to the incident of earthquakes & tsunamis on our planet?               
CLICK HERE TO READ MORE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

8:32 pm cst 

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